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smorgonSmorgon is closely connected with the life and work of famous Belarusian statesman and poet of the 19th century Francisak Bahusevic.

The village was first mentioned in chronicles in the 15th century. For almost 300 years the place used to belong to the Radzivill family. Therel was a Protestant church, three motels (one mentioned in Bahusevic’s poem). The poet used to visit Zhuprany many times in life, and local residents liked his personality and poems a lot. In 1900 Francisak Bahusevic was buried here. In Zhuprany in 1958 a monument Frantiskui Bogushevich of Belarusian sculptor Zair Azgur.

The town of Smorgon is located along Krevo road on the bank of the picturesque river Vilya. The town was first mentioned in chronicles in the 15th century as a place that belonged to the Zenovich family; latter it was handed over to the Radzivills. Smorgon keeps a unique spirit of the past, full of ancient legends.

Smorgon used to host the only “bears’ academy” in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania – a place where those animals were kept and trained. Smorgon was a place where Napoleon abandoned his troops before fleeing to Vilno. The Cathedral of St Peter and Paul (1854-1875) contains a memorial plate of Francisak Bahusevic.

Smorgon boasts of several monuments of history that are must-see for each visitor. One of them is the Renaissance Cathedral of St Archangel Michael (1533 or 1606-1612), which is situated in the central part of the town.

World War I was a tragic page in the history of Smorgon District. The district was crossed by the Russian-German front line from September 1915 till February 1918. For 810 days the town witnessed bloody battles and gas attacks.

Female warriors showed as much carriage as men during those tragic days. The 1st Petrograd female battalion of death led by Maria Bochkareva which protected the area between Krevo and Novopassk has become a true legend of the war.


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