MOZHEIKOVO for tourists: around Grodno-region

mozeikovoMozheikovo was known already in 1506. Since 1860 the settlement belonged to the Brohotskie. They built a large estate inclassical style: estate house, aisle, householdbuildings and landscape park with ponds. There is also Mozheikovo Church of St. Mary’s Birth (XVI cent.) located in the   village of Murovanka, near Mozheikovo.

A famous church-fortress, built in 1524,  is not only a monument to belarusian defensive architecture, but it’s also a historical and cultural treasure of world importance.

The interior and exterior of the Church is remarkable. There are 4 cylindric towers in each angle, previously in the towers there were spiral stairs. They led to the attic where the weapons were located! Around the perimeter of the Church and in towers there were gun ports. On the basement level of the Church there was an ammunition; depot with weapons and church relics.

The interior impresses with the beauty of its gothic domes made of special arrow-figured brick. The whole system of arches show the high level of gothic architecture existed on the territory of Belarus.

The Church-fortress in Murovanka village was damaged during the wars in mid. XVII early XVIII centuries. It was closed for a long time. Then it was reconstructed for several times and today it is the functioning orthodox church which impresses everyone who visits it.

Every year in September 21, on the day of Virgin Mary’s Birth this ancient Belarusian church celebrates a liturgy.

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