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The second largest town in Grodno region Lida for tourists: Lida Castle and historical places, museums, tourist-information center, travel agency, restaurants, café, bars, hotels, bus-station, railway station
After the city of Grodno, Lida is the second largest town in Grodno region.
The date of town foundation is still a point of dispute among their historians. Some of them believe that Lida was founded in 1180 after the devastation of Deinov Dukedom. Others think that the town appeared in 1323 when the Grand Duke Gediminas ordered to start the building of Castle on Lida territories.
Lida town was first mentioned in the «List of Russian close and distant towns» that was made in 1387-1406. Lida appeared as a small trade-and-craft settlement near the Castle, later it consisted of ducal court, the town itself and Zarechie (the area across the river).
Zarechie was located in the south and was quite small just several houses. Being a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, since 1560 j Lida became the seat of Lida District in Vilnius Voivodeship. In 1590; Magdeburg Rights and coat of arms were granted to the town.
Lida Castle. The history of Lida is closely connected with the history of the Castle. In 1323 the Grand Duke Gediminas ordered to build in Lida a stone castle that would protect people from enemy attacks. This; military-defense construction withstood Crusader attacks, protected from the Crimean Tatars. Gediminas’s grandson, the Grand Duke Vytautas, reconstructed the castle and it became the mightiest in the whole Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
Zocks of ętodnenshchina – The Castle was the center of many historical events. Thus, in 1422 the 16-year-old princess of Halshany Sophia married the old Duke jogaila within the walls of the Castle.
In 1433 the Castle was attacked by the troops of the Duke Svitrigaila, who wanted to reign in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The Castle was partially destroyed in 1659 after it was stormed by the Russians and the Swedes.
Lida Castle was totally destroyed in summer 1794 during the battle between the King’s troops and Kosciuszko’s followers.
On the 22nd of January, 1940 Lida Castle was granted the status of architectural monument and in 1953 was taken under the State protection. At present the Castle in under restoration.
The Castle in Lida attracts many tourists. Every year it hosts the guests of international festival of medieval culture – «Gediminas Castle»; more than 30 teams of knights from the Commonwealth of Independent States and from Europe participate in the tournaments.
The visitors of the Castle are greeted with a theatrical performance – the scene of marriage of polish king Jogaila with princess of Halshany Sophia. In winter tourist can enjoy skating and have a good time here.
Apart from the castle in Lida there are many other places of religious, architectural and historical value. For example, the Roman Catholic Church of Cross Exaltation built in late Baroque style (1770) upon the project of architect Johann Christian Glaubitz. Other places of splendid religious architecture in Lida are the Piarists Monaster (1797-1825) and St. Michael Temple-Rotunda located in St. Joseph Roman-Catholic Church.
The Roman Catholic Church of Cross Exaltation. This Catholic sanctity was built in 1765-1770 in Baroque style, supposedly by a talented master Jan Christian Glaubitz. The Church hosts the Icon of the Madonna and Child that was brought here in XIV cent, by Franciscan missionaries. According to the scientists, this icon was painted in the late XVII century and is one of the most ancient icons in Grodno Region. The interior of the church is lavishly adorned with fresco paintings and monumental compositions.
The Piarists Church of St. Joseph. The Piarists appeared in Lida in 1756 by invitation of Lithuanian treasurer and Lida headman Ignatio Scipio de Campo. A monastery and a bell-tower were built near the Church. In 1842 the Church burnt down, and the monaster was closed by the government. Only 20 years later the Church was restored. However, after the rebellion in 1863 the Church was reorganized into an Orthodox Church of St. Michael. Since 1960 a planetarium has been functioning there. In 1995 the Church was returned to orthodox Christians.
F.Skoryna Statue.
In 1512 Skoryna received a doctorate degree in medicine at the University of Padua. That is why in October, 20,1992, a memorial tablet devoted to Skoryna was opened there. The same year the statue was erected.
The population of Lida took active part in fund raising in order to build the statue to this remarkable representative of Belarusian Land.
His translation of the Holy Bible into Belarusian language was the first among East-Slavic nations and the second after the Czech one. In August, 6,1517 in Prague Skoryna releases his first book in Old Belarusian language, it was «The Psalter», and less than two years later he published twenty-two books of the Old Testament.

Restaurant «Continent» Kirova Street, 8, teL (80154)567321
Restaurant «Gediminas» Komsomolskaya Street, 23, tel. (80154)527512
Restaurant «Gronewald» Grunwaldskaya Street, 1, tel. (80154)529138
Cafe «Stary gorod» Sovetskaya Street, 9, tel. (80154)530076
Cafe “Syabrina” Sovetskaya Street, 7, tel. (80154)520277
Cafe “Grand” Kirova Street, 6, tel. (80154)526475
Cafe “Maentak” Tukhachevsky Street, 77b, tel. 8 (0154) 56-00-30
Cafe “Guesthouse” Lida district, Tsybory village, Pobeda 76, tel. 8 (0154) 57-75-60
Cafe “Mart” with open terrace The 8th of March Street, tel. (80154)567050
Cafe “Kalipso” Leninskaya Street, 14, tel. (80154)522202 Bar “Lidskoe pivo” Mickievicz Street, 32, tel (80154)529458
Bar “Continent” Kirova Street, 8, tel. (80154)567321
Fast Food Restaurant “Oblizuha” The 8th of March Street, 12, tel. (80154)527946

Hotel «Lida» Grunewaldskaya Street, 1 tel: (80154) 526150,
Hotel «Elevator» Kirova Street, 4, tel. (80154) 530101
Hotel «Continent» Kirova Street, 8, tel. (80154) 567366

Lida Castle tel. (80154) 532294, 521391,535064
State Institution «Lida Museum of History and Art»Pobedy Street, 37a, tel. (80154) 532294

Lida district Center of Crafts and Traditional Culture «Spadchina»: Lida, Sovetskaya Street tel. 80154 526248

Tourist-information center Zamkovaya Street, 8, tel. (80154) 524832

Travel Agency: Ltd. «Address leta» Chapaeva Street, 8, tel. (80154) 52-43-44

BUS-STATION: Duke Gediminas Boulevard,1. tel. 114

RAILWAY STATION: Truhanova Street, 12b, tel. (80154) 536106

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