KREVO for tourists: around Grodno-region

krevoThe village of Krevo (Smorgon District) is home of one of the oldest castles in Belarus which had a great influence on the history of Belarus, I Lithuania and Poland. Krevo was first mentioned in chronicles in 1338,1 when those lands became property of Duke Olgerd (later – Jagello). In | 1385 there was signed the Union of Krevo, as a result of which Jagelloif became king of both Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, having married Polish princess Jadwiga.

The castle of Krevo was built in the 14th century to protect the land | from Crusaders. During its long history the castle witnessed many historical events and intrigues. The quadrangle castle was built off stones and bricks. It lacked grace and beauty, because its main function was defense. The castle had survived several attacks of Moscow troops I and Tartars until it was partly destroyed in the 17th century.

In the 18th century Krevo was revived due to the construction of a road that connected the village with Smorgon. The village turned into a battlefield during WWI, and WWII killed practically all residents of; the village.


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