Berestovitsa District of Grodno region for tourists

berestovicaBerestovitsa District keeps a lot of monuments of cultural and historical heritage which are admired by tourists, it is a land of churches (mainly Roman Catholic) – practically every village here has a church of its own.

In the center of Bolshaya Berestovitsa there is the Church of the Visitation of Virgin Maria (1615, the construction was sponsored by Jeronim Khodkevich). The church has much in common with the Church of St Peter and Paul in Krakow, because it was designed by the same architect. At some period of its history the church hosted a religious school and a hospital. Currently local residents look forward to restore it.

Other attractions of Bolshaya Berestovitsa include the Assumption Church (1741), the Holy Transformation Cathedral (1912, neo-gothic style). In addition, there is a former motel (10, Krasnoarmeyskaya St.), which was built in the first half of the 19th century.

In 2012 there opened a museum of the squirrel, which is the symbol of Bolshaya Berestovitsa. The museum tells the 500-year-long story of the town, its famous residents, unique archeological and historical findings. Two rooms of the museum are fully dedicated to the squirrel.

U Vikinga Cafe-Bar 42 seats Address: Olekshitsy, Tsentralnaya St., tel (801511) 2-80-30,2-80-31

Kolos Restaurant 120 seats Address: Berestovitsa, 2a, Dzeizhinski St., tel.: (801511)2-11-86.

Zhuravinka Bar 36 seats. Address: Pogranięhrty, 23, Komarov St., tel. (801511) 7-05-92.,

Voyage mini cafe 35 seats. Address: P-99 Highway, 49 km, left side, tel. (801511) 2-66.

Sightseeing and entertainment: Squirrel Museum in Bolshaya Berestovitsa

Address: B.Beresfovitsa, 17, Sovetskaya St,

tel.: (801511) 2-28-27.

Active leisure facilities

Gym (+ billiards, table tennis, aerohackey).

Address: B.Berestovitsa, 9, Lenin St., tel. (801511) 2-12-61.

Sporting equipment for rent

Address: B.Berestovltsa, 9, Lenin St., tel. (801511) 2-12-61.

Main tourist; routes

– Roan from Church to Church, bus, v and walk route, (45 km)


-“The Nightingales of Massolyany”, an open poetry festival (bfonhually In. May)

– Eysmont Fest, a festival of the Polish culture (annually in June)

– “Berestovitsa invites Friends”, a festival of radio-controlled models, Ivashkoytsy village (annually in. y: August);


«TikMye prudyn, Lodichi, tel. (8029)6622348, (8029) 3422348

«Ptitsy», Yermoiichi, tel. (801511) 46584, (8029) 788701; (8029)17867021.


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