Around Grodno-region: VOLPA

volpaThe village takes its name from the River Volpyanka. Local woods were rich in wild animals, so many kings and noblemen visited Volpa for hunting. Duke Kazimierz Sapieha used to welcome here king of Rzęch Pospolita. Till 1831 Volpa belonged to the Sapieha family. In the late 18th century king Stanisław August granted Volpa the right to self – government and an emblem – a beaver against a blue background. Today Volpa is the center of a small rural area. Close to the village there is Energetic Resort and a picturesque artificial lake.

In the center of Volpa there is a wooden Baroque cathedral of St John the Baptist which was built in 1773. The interior of the cathedral boasts of luxury – golden altar and columns, statues of the saints and an organ. The cathedral was built on the place of a wooden temple of the 16th century. In the late 19th century it was restored. The main jewel of the cathedral is its altar (1634 г.), which has a particular historic value. The 2-layer altar contains a Crucifixion icon and the sculptures of St Casimir and St John the Baptist. It is the biggest wooden cathedral in Belarus.

The village on the shore of the cognominal river was first mentioned in the second half of the 16th century. Near the village there was the estate of the Khodkevich family, which was destroyed during World War II. Currently the village has around seven thousand residents.

In the middle of the village there is the St Trinity Church which was built in 1912. The church has a pseudo-Russian style of architecture. It is a quadrangle building with a sacristy and a two-layer bell tower.

Not far from the church there is the St Trinity Cathedral, the construction of which in 1807 was sponsored by Sophia Paz. The white marble tomb in honor of the benefactor was installed here in 1881. The cathedral is richly decorated with biblical wall paintings, and the two- layer altar contains a wonder-working statue of Jesus Christ (Baroque, 17th century). Near the cathedral there is a bell tower (1908).


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