Around Grodno-region: travel to the Lipichansky Dense Forest

scharaThe trip begins on the bridge over the river Schara.

Having crossed the bridge, on the right bank of the Schara 50 metres: away from the water you will see a wartime memorial that honors the memory of the victims of fascism and underground warriors. Most of the memorial is dedicated to people who perished in the war.


Shimki was one of the centers of guerilla operations during the  Great Patriotic War. The village with all its homes was burnt down by fascists. After the war it was restored in a traditional rural style.

A 300-metre path from the memorial is leading to a doover museum. The museum is dedicated to the history of guerilla movement in Lipichany area.


The River Schara splits into two arms and forms a picturesque heart  shaped island. This island is nicknamed the Stone Schara by local residents. The island was formed as a result of a long-term hostility  between two villages, Moskali and Zadvorye, each located on one of the two arms of the river. The residents of each village tried to direct the  spring flood to the other arm of the river and thus save their own land.They built stone dams, which eventually grew into an island.


Lipichany woodland boasts of six black birch trees – unique plants that were put on the list of endangered plants. Local residents have invented a beautiful legend about those trees:

«А mother had two daughters, a blonde and a brunette. They both fell in love in one and the same man, and he could not choose one of them because he liked both. So he dated both of the girls, asking them to come for a date to one and the same place, though at different times. Once it happened so that the girls came there together and they were shocked to find out the painful truth. The girls turned into birch trees, black and white. Their grief-stricken mother turned into an alder, and the man turned into an ash tree».


Around a hundred metres away from the black birch tree there is a group of giant oaks. The oldest one is 450 years old, the youngest one is at least 300.


On the left bank of the Schara there once was an old wooden church that was built above a crystal water well. The well had a healing power its water helped relieve people from a wide range of illnesses. During the war the church burnt down and the well disappeared. However, it magically appeared again after the war. Presently that place is marked; by a black cross, and you have to kneel by the cross before drinkin water from the well or washing your hands and face.


Near the well there is a row of wooden tanks half-embedded in the; ground. They are joined together by underground paths. This is an old tar-making shop which was probably founded two centuries   Tar was used   making vehicles (e.g. carts), as well as for medical and hygienes purposes. The latter mode of use was especially vital during World War II, when guerilla troops lacked medicines and used moss and tar instead.

The tar-making shop is one of the unique places in Belarus that keeps the spirit and atmosphere of the past centuries and the history of one of the main Belarusian crafts.


Obsog area, as well as Volya Krupitsy and Shimki is one of the numerous recreation areas in Lipichany woodland. The area is located near the junction of the rivers Schara and Neman. Here you can find everything you need for spending a good time: tables, tents, bench fireplaces, fire wood.

Travelling around Lipichany woodland, you will explore the unique culture and history of Mosty District and get a lot o| unforgettable memories and positive impressions.



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