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slonimSlonim was first mentioned in chronicles in 1252. The town has preserved the outline of the 17th century to the present day. A famous local resident В Michał Kazimierz Ogiński has turned the quiet rural town into a truly European place with a theater, typography and a number of workshops. The main sights of the town include St Andrew’s Cathedral, Spaso – Preobrazhenski Cathedral, the convent of Bernardines, the Holy Trinity Church, an ancient synagogue, the museum of local history and culture, Ogiński channel. Old mansions, quiet streets and green parks create a unique atmosphere of serenity.

Ogiński channel was built on the initiative of Michał Ogiński in 1767-1782. The 53-metre-long channel connects the rivers of Schara and Yaseld, that is, the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea. Initially the channel served as a trade route. After the two world wars it was practically destroyed and its functioning was suspended.

St Andrew’s Cathedral (Baroque) was founded in 1775 and restored in the 1990 – s, the front of the cathedral is decorated with wavy lines, as well as the statues of apostles Peter and Paul. The main altar contains the icon of the Mother of God of Zhirovichi. The interior is decorated with biblical wall paintings. On the right side of the cathedral there is a former hospital (18th cent.).

Cathedral of the Virgin Birth, embraces a cathedral and a convent. It was built in 1664-1670. Later the cathedral burnt down and it was restored only in the 1720s. The ascetic exterior of the building conflicts with the luxurious Rococo interior that boasts of seven altars, an ambo and a confession box, all designed by famous master Johann Glaubitz.

The Holy Trinity Church was built in 1639-1645, with the construction being sponsored by Andrei Rydvan and his wife. The tombs of the sponsoring family are now situated under the altar of the church.

The construction of the synagogue in 1642 was sponsored by the local Jewish community. Sloriim’s synagogue is the oldest Jewish temple in Grodno Region. Judging by its 2-metre-thick walls and high- placed windows we may guess that it was used as a defense structure. Only the Baroque facade differs from the generally rigid style of the building. The interior of the synagogue is magnificently luxurious, however, presently the building is abandoned.

The old building of the City Hall, which currently hosts a library, deserves special mentioning. Previously that building contained a magistrate court, a guardhouse and town archive.


Veres restaurant Slonim, 100, Kossovski Highway, tel. (801562) 42294

Polonese reatsurant Slonim, 83, Krasnoarmeyskaya St, tel. (801562)42283

Slonim restaurant Slonim, 83a, Brestskaya St, tel. (801562) 54257

101 Etazh café Slonim, 25, Krasnoarmeyskaya St, tel. (801562) 47175 Oasis bar

Slonim, 17, Pervomayskaya St., tel. (801562) 21164 S chara cafe

Slonim, 19, Pervomayskaya St., tel. (801562) 23714

Zolotoi Feniks restaurant Slonim, 4, Karl Marx St., tel. (801562) 23390

Schara hotel Slonim, 19, Pervomayskaya St., tel. (801562) 54804

Venetsia hotel Slonim, 5, Bagration St, tel. (801562) 25932

Albertin hostel Slonim, Kolkhoznaya St, tel (801562) 31220

Bus terminal Slonim, 11, Vokzalnaya St, tel. (801562)25571

Railway etation Slonim, 11, Vokzalnaya St, tel. (801562) 25033

Travel information center Slonim, 37, Krasnoarmeyskaya St., tel (801562) 25134




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