Around Grodno-region: Lake Svytiaz for tourists

svitjazLake Svytiaz is a priceless gift of nature. It is located in the center of Novogrudok upland. It occupies 220 hectares and has the maximum depth of 15 meters. There you can find rare forms of preglacial fauna.

According to the legend the lake is located in the place where previously the ancient Svytiaz – town was founded. The town was attacked by enemy troops. But due to Svytiaz women who preferred death to slavery, the town fell into abyss, burring the capturers. Instead of the town a lake appeared.

Undulating landscape, picturesque shores and various flora were many times praised by Adam Mickiewicz in his writings. The poet often visited these lands and in 1820-1821 a famous ballad «Svytiaz» was written, later in 1821 the second; ballad «Svytiazianka» (Svytiaz woman) was created and almost at the same; time the third one – «Rybka» (Fish).

In 1970 the Lake Svytiaz and all surrounding area were pronounced to be an ecological reserve. Tourist can relax and restore their health on the shores of Svytiaz in the village of Valevka. Moving back to Grodno, we’ll drop in Lida and have a look at the sights.


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