Zelva District for tourists


Area: 872 кm2
Population: 16 900

18% of the district’s area is occupied by woodland populated by rare endangered animal and plant species. Zelva District is home of Medukhovo biological reserve of the national importance. Zelva artificial lake creates a unique landscape. It is the biggest loke in Grodno Region with an area of 1190 hectares. The lake regularly serves as a venue of fishing competitions.

Convenient geographical location, perfect environment and unique natural characteristics (the district is practically free of industrial enterprises) make Zelva land a perfect place for relaxation. The development of agricultural tourism, together with the camping site, the children’s camp and unique monuments of architecture cay satisfy the needs of all groups of vacationers.

The history of Zelva District began in the 13th century. Annals show that this area was populated as early as 1252. Numerous monuments of history, architecture, archeology, including the Church (fortress) of St Mikhail in Synkovichi (15th century) tell a long story of the district’s past.

One of the main attractions of Zelva is the Church of Virgin Maria with two towers (early 20th century, neo-gothic style), which looks as if it came lo Belarus from Medieval Germany. Another interesting religious building at the Holy Trinity Church of 1815, which was built on the basement of a temple of 1443.

Having returned from Stalin’s camps in 1956, famous Belarusian poet Larisa Geniyush lived in Zelva. Here she created her famous poem “The Confession”. The poet died in 1983 and was buried in Zelva.

Zelva is a famous trading place. In former times its famous Anna’s Market (named so in honor of St Anna) used to gather up to five thousand merchants, and the trade turnover totaled up to a million roubles. Several years ago the town has revived a summertime exhibition which is now called Big Anna’s Market. Today it is the central event in the life of the town which keeps most of the traditions of the past.

Useful information

Bus station in Zelva
Address: Zelva, 17, Shosseynaya St., tel. (01564) 24248
Belarusbank exchange offices
Zelva, Pobeda St.; Derechin; Kozlovichi: Korolino;
Belagroprombank exchange office
Zelva, 35, Sovetskaya St.

Tourist infrastructure

ZelvaTurServis hotel 51 beds
Address: Zelva, 29, Shosseynaya St., tel. (801564) 25701, +375 (29) 614 49 13
Hostel 10 beds.
Address: Zelva, 49, Pushkin St., tel. (801564) 24605. www.ctikzelva.schools.by
Berezhki recreation cam 25 cottages.
Address: torest on the bank of Zelva artificial take. tel. (801564) 24188, 24542.
Gannenski Padvorak Cafe, 40 seats.
Address: Zelva, 28, 17 Sentyabrya St.
Mini cafe Uyut 28 seats.
Address: Zelva, la, Pobeda St., la, tel.+375(29) 1122109.
Zelvyanka Restaurant 80 seats.
Address: Zetva, 34,17 Sentyabrya St., 34, tel,: (801564) 24094.
Highway cafe Lesnichovka 120 seats.
Address: Highway P99, 1 km away from the village of Synkovichi, tel, (801564) 39129, +375(29) 1397862,
Tourist information center Zelva, 49, Pushkin St., tel. (801564) 24551.

Tourist organisation

Zelva, 51 A, Gagarin St., tel. (801564)2696

Sightseeing and entertainment

Feyeriya culture and entertainment center
Address: Zelva, 21,17 Sentyabrya St., tel. (801564) 25579, +375 (29) 8831749.
Markiz billiards club
Address: Zelva, 29, Shosseynaya St., tet.+375(29)8831749.

Active leisure facilities

Gym (table tennis)
Address: Zelva, 23, Pushkin St., www.roozelva.grodno.by
Sorting equipment for rent
Address: Zelva, 23, Sovetskaya St., tel. (801564)24551.

Souvenir shops

Crafts and Traditional Culture Department of Zelva District Culture and Folk Lore Center
Address: Derechin, 25, Gastello St.
Department store
Address: Zelva, 31, 17 Sentyabrya St.

Main tourist routes

– Zelvenski Dyyarush, cycling, walking and bus route (95 km)
– To Spiritual Relics, walking and bus route (60 km)
– The Unknown Zelvyanka, water route (65 km)
– Anna’s Far, walking route (7 km)
– ProTur, industrial route


– Anna’s Market (annually in August)
– Amateur Song Festival “New Generation” (annually in May)
– Folk Festival “Meetings in Heather” (annually in July)


«Veres», Kozlovichi, tel. 8(01564) 39293 (8029) 622 33 39 www.veres.by
«Staraya Ves» d. Voronichi, 19, tel. (8 015 64)25538, (8029) 3169291, www.insects-museum.by
«Serebryanyy ruchey», Kostevichi, tel. (8029) 6913297
«Sad moyey mechty», Zel’va, 97, Pushkina St., tel. (8029) 9170865
«Dorogobushka», Dorogobushka, tel. (8044) 7989615, +375 (29) 7869037

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