Voronovo District for tourists


Area: 1400 km2
Population: 26 900

The peculiar feature of Voronovo District is its multinational population and true friendly relations between locals. The population of the district is represented by 24 nationalities – Poles, Belarusians, Russians, Lithuanians, as well as Ukrainians. Tartars, Gypsies, Jews.

The district’s most famous religious buildings include a synagogue built in the early 20th century, the Cathedral of St Simon and Tadeusz, the Church of St Alexander Nevsky.

The village of Radun is a holy Jewish place. Hafetz Haim, a great Jewish philosopher, was born there. Unfortunately his home did not survive till the present day. However, here you can still visit the former synagogue (which is now a club), and an old Jewish cemetery, where one of the most respectable religious figures of the Jewish world was buried, as locals say.

Voronovo District has an immense spiritual potential- Many famous people were born here, including Vandalin Shukevich, member of Krakow Science Academy, archeologist, ethnography expert, folklorist, Theodor Narbut, historian, archeologist, military engineer, Stanislav Yundil, doctor of philosophy and theology, professor of zoology and botanical science, Ludwig Narbut, associate of Kastus Kalinowski.

The name of Adam Mickiewicz, a famous poet of Belarus, Poland and Lithuania, is also closely connected with the history of the district. His first love, Maria Wereszczaka (Putkamer). who inspired him to create world famous poems, lived in Voronovo District. The home of the Putkamer family in the village of Boltiniki survived to the present day. There you can still see a stone – a place where the famous poet used to meet with his beloved one.

The history of Voronovo District is also closely connected with the names of Mikhail Andrieli (artist). Frantishek Bogushevich (famous poet, one of The founders of the Belarusian literature), Jan Karlovich (literature and ethnography expert).

Useful information

Belarusbank exchange offices
Voronovo, 4, Kanarchik St., Benyakoni village, 94,
Vilenskaya St., Boltishki village, 3, Sadovaya St.,
Radun town, 6, Komsomolskaya St.,
Zhirmuny village, 53, Sovetskaya St.
Belagroprombank Exchange office
Voronovo, 36a, Sovetskaya St.
Bastuny railway station Voronovo District, Bastuny village.
Benyakoni railway station
Address: Voronovo District, Benyakoni
village, 6, Vokzalnaya St.
Voronovo bus station
Address: Voronovo, 47, Yubileynaya St,
tel. (801594) 21245.

Tourist infrastructure

Voronovo hotel 33 beds,
Address: Voronovo, 5, Kanarchik St., tel. (801594)21233.
Hotel 13 beds.
Address: Benyakoni, 2a, Vilenskaya St., tel. (801594) 94480.
Sustrecha restaurant 90 seats
Address: Voronovo, 4, Kanarchik St., tel. (801594)21482
Restaurant 80 seats.
Address: Voronovo District, Radun, 23,
Sovetskaya St. tel. (801594) 23264.
(2nd pricing category), 20 seats. Address: Voronovo District, Zhirmuny village,

Travel agencies

Travel company, affiliate “Automobile Park No.14 in Voronovo”, JSC

Address: Voronovo, 55a Oktyabrskaya St., tel. (801594) 21231

Sightseeing and entertainment facilities

The Putkamer family mansion and park
Address: Voronovo District, Bolteniki village, tel. (801594) 76230.
Voronovo District museum of local
history and lore

Radun, tel. (801594) 23130.

Active leisure facilities

Stadium Address: Voronovo, Litovchik St., tel. (801594)21401.
Mini football ground, artificial tur Address: Voronovo, Litovchik St., tel. (801594)21401.
Gym (Voronovo secondary school)
Address: Voronovo, Kalinin St., tel. (801594)25123.

Main tourist routes

– “Adam Mickiewicz’s Paths of Love”. bus and walking route (22 km)
– “The Road of Ancestors”, bus and walking route (25 km)
– “Our Motherland”, bus and walking route(30 km)
– “The Pages of Homeland’s History”, bus and walking route(20 km)


«Solov inaya pesnya»
Voronovka.l, Internatsional’naya St.. tel. (801594) 21959, (8029) 6502394
«Ivushkan», Bartashuny, tel. (801594)22011
«YE-MOYE», Letyantsy, 49, tel. (8029) 3999898, (8029) 6559754
«Na Zhizhme», Dovkshany, 1, tel. (8029)3991132
«NONA», Tseslyukishki, 1, tel. (8029) 6220820

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