Volkovysk District for tourists


Area: 1192 кm2
Population: 73 000

Volkovysk District, whose main town recently celebrated its 1000th anniversary, attracts many tourists. The most favored attraction is a mansion in Volkovysk. which in 1812 hosted the command unit of General Bagration. Today it hosts a museum. The museum contains a rich collection of weapons, military uniforms. pictures and engravings, as well as other important historical and archeological objects. The suburbs of Volkovysk host picturesque estates of the nobility with mansions and paries {the villages of Kraski and Podorosk) which are in the middle of restoration process. Volkovysk District keeps several archeological monuments that date back to the Stone Age and the Bronze Age (coal mines, silicon workshops). In addition, there are ruins of Medieval villages (the Swedish Mountain). The most famous religious buildings are the Cathedral of St John the Baptist (Volpa village) and the Church of Archangel Mikhail (Gnezno).

Useful information

Railway station, Volkovysk.
Address: Volkovysk, 14, Alleynaya St., tel. (801512)78515, 78229
Bus terminal Volkovysk.
Address: Volkovysk, 51A, ZhotudevaSt, tel. (801512) 45008
Belagroprombank exchange offices
Volkovysk, 6, Pervomayskaya St.;
133, Oktyabrskaya St.; 18, Fabrichnaya St.;
Ross, 10, K.MaocSt.
Belarusbank exchange offices, branch No.402:
Volkovysk, 20, Oktyabrskaya St.;
48, Oktyabrskaya St.; 1 la, Sotsialisticheskaya St.;
43a, Gorbatov St.; 64, S.Pankova St., Volpa;
Krasnoselski, 14, Proletarskaya St.; Vereyki;
Dubovtsy; Podorosk; Kovali.
BelBebBank exchange office Volkovysk, 37, Lenin St.
Belgazprombank Exchange office Volkovysk, 57, Lenin St.
Belpromstroibank Exchange office Volkovysk, 2, Gorbatov St.;
57, Lenin St.; Krasnoselski, 4A, Ryabinovaya St.
Idea Bank exchange office
Volkovysk, 7, Lenin St.
Priorbank exchange office
Volkovysk, 34. Sotsialisticheskaya St.

Tourist infrastructure

Berezka Hotel, 64 beds,
Address: Volkovysk, 7ot K.Marx St., tel.(80!512) 4-12-97, www.vkhvolk.by
RestHomeService, 26 beds.
Address: Volkovysk, 9b, Lenin St., tel. (801512) 4 11 62, +375(33) 6840120
RestHomeService Hotel, 56 beds.
Address: Volkovysk, 138, Rokossovski St., tel. (801512)5 60 21, +375 (33) 6225660
RestHomeService Hotel, 26 beds.
Address: Krasnoselski, 6, Novaya St., tel.8(01512) 380 65, +375 (33) 6562578
Berezka Cafe 94 seats.
Address: Volkovysk. 7o4 K.Marx St., tel. (801512)9 70 15.
Elite Cafe 80 seats.
Address: Volkovysk, 31. Sovetskaya St., tel.: (801512) 21222.
CAMMAC disco bar 42 seats.
Address: Volkovysk, 31. Proletarskaya St., tel. (801512) 22474
Vintage bar and pizza house 51 seats. Address: Volkovysk, 13, Lenin St., tel.: (801512) 43178.
Flirt Bar 50 seats.
Address: Volkovysk, 32, Brestskaya St., tel.: (801512) 26751.
Taverna Bar, 45 seats
Address: Volkovysk, 18, Fabrichnaya St., tel.: 8(01512) 25781.
Uyut Cafe, 120 seats.
Address: Krasnoselski, 5, Ryabinovaya St., tel. (801512)35144.
Cairo Bar, 45 seats.
Address: Krasnoselski, 5, Ryabonovaya St., tel.+375(29)7709196.
Kosmos Restaurant, 130 seats Address: Ross, 19, K.Marx St., tel.(8021512) 30466.

Travel companies:

LLC Rubens
Address: Volkovysk, 26, Lenin St. tel. (801512) 44440, +375 (33) 6544440,
LLC Lasse-Tur
Address: Volkovysk, 27, Zenitchiki St., www.lassetour.by
address: Volkovysk, 24, Zholudev St., room 10, tel..: +375 (29) 3583040, +375 33 3843040, (801512) 95641.
Premium Tour
Address: Volkovysk, 37, Lenin St., room 309, tel.:+375 (29) 7891512

Sightseeing and entertainment:

Military and Historical Museum of Bag ration
Address: Volkovysk, 10, Bagration St., tel.(801512) 43946.
Yunost cinema.
Address: Volkovysk, 12, Lenin St. tel. (801512)44950.

Active leisure facilities

Sport and recreation center with sporting equipment for rent (swimming pools for adults and children, aqua-aerobics).
Address: Volkovysk, 34, Sotsialisticheskaya St,. tel. (801512)22727.
Aquapark in Praleska resort
Address: Podros, tel. (801512) 37746.
Gym in Lyceum No.l.
Address: Volkovysk, 17, Dzerzhinski St. tel. (801512) 22155.
Sporting equipment for rent
Address: Volkovysk, 266, Lenin St., teL (801512)23070

Heath and spa resorts

Praleska resort of JSC
Krasnoselskstroymaterialy, 120 beds.
Address: Podros, tel. (801512)37-7-46 ,76-2-46
Energetik resort 301 beds.
Address: Kovali, tel. (801512) 307-49. 307-82, 307-92.

Souvenir shope:

Spadchina shop
address: Volkovysk, 33A, Zholudev St.
Shkolnik shop
address: Volkovysk, 56, Zholudev St.
Knigi shop
address: Volkovysk, 14, Zholudev St.

Main tourist routes:

– Volkovysk Treasury, bus and walk (84 km)
– The Colors of Homeland, bus and walk (96 km)
– The Spiritual Heritage of Volkovysk Land, bus and walk (40 km)
– The Route of the Present with Memory of the Past, walking tour


– International motorcross tournaments (throughout the year)
– International fireworks festival (every year in August-September)


«Selyakhi» Selyakhi, tel. 8-029-8874781
«Khata Marka» d. Yatvez, 34, Shkornaya St, tel. 8-029-6136336
«Ol’khovo», d. Orkhovo, Rosskiy s/s, 8-033-6813220

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