The castle hell Grodno

In the begging of the 11 century a settlement appeared here. In 12 cen. a Count House and a Round Tower were built of the plinfa.

The Old Castle Grodno

In the end of the 14c. in the begginig of the 15c. the Ouke Vitaut built on the castle Hill a magnificent fortress which had 5 defending towers. The Castle was connected with town with a drawbridge. In 1576-1586 it became a residence of Stephen Bathori. The architect Scotta from Parma rebuilt the Castle into the Palace in the Renaissance style. The Swede destroyed the Palace during the North War. In 1735 during the fire the castle was almost destroyed. In the end of the 18 c. it was reconstracted by the Chancellor Pats.

The New Castle Grodno

Was built in 1734-1751 by the architect Pepelman in Rococo style for holding the General Seyms of Rzechpospolita. The side buildings and the central Palace made the main yard. There were Ambassador’s, Senat’s and Oval Halls.

In 1793 the “silent Seym” was held here that confirmed the second division of Rzechpospolita. In 1795 the King Stanislau Panyatousky demised and lived here since then.

The Palace was destroyed during the WWII.

In 1952 it was reconstructed in Attic style by the architect Varaksin.

Only the Gate and Sphinge’s sculptures have thier former appearance.


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