Svisloch District for tourists


Area: 1 400 km2
Population: 20 700

Svisloch District is а beautiful picturesque land near Belavezha Forest (a national park of Belarus and a unique monument of nature of the European importance). The town ol Svisloch is one of the oldest towns of Belarus and one of the best places for leisure and relaxation due to its quiet nature. The district is free from large industrial enterprises, which makes it a favorable place for the development of environmental tourism.

Svisloch was first mentioned in chronicles in the middle of the 13th century. In addition to the then known duchies of Grodno, Novogrudok. Volkovysk, there existed the duchy of Svisloch. which was headed by Duke Izyaslav. The town of Svisloch was founded in 1256. One of the best known attractions of Svisloch is a school whose famous students include K.Kalinovski, R.Traugut. OXovalevski, V.Geltman, N.Orda, A.Gorski, Y.Krashevski. etc.

The district keeps the ruins of old mansions in the villages of Verdomovichi, Gornostayevichi, Valiskovschina, Porozovo (Bogudenki. 19th cent.).

The most famous monuments of religious architecture include the Church of Archangel Mikhail in Porozovo (1825*1828), and churches in Grinevichi (1792) and Dobrovolya (1861).

48,8% of the territory of Svistoch District is occupied by forests. Almost half of the woodland in the South-East is the famous Belove2ha Forest – the national park which is part of UNESCO World Heritage list.

Useful information

Bus terminal Address: Svisloch, 43. Lenin St., 43, tel. (801513)33211.
Railway station.
Address: Melnovo. 3, Vokzalnaya St., tel. (801513) 20727.
Belagroprombank exchange office
Svisloch, Sovetskaya St., 3
Belarusbank exchange offices
Svisloch, 3, Lenin St.: Porozovo, 1, Y.Kolas St.: Novy Dvor, 7. 1 Maya St.; Nezbodichi. 22, Michurin St.

Tourist infrastructure

Hotel, 37 beds. Address: Svisloch, 7, KalinovskiSt.. 7,tel. (801513) 33010.
Tourist camp, the Center of Tourism and Local Lore, 40 beds.
Address: Svisloch District Tikhovolya, 8b, tel. (801513) 28237.
Zharkovschina hotel, 30 beds.
Address: Svisloch District, Zharkovschina, tel. (801631) 56200.
Dlya Vas Cafe, 48 seats. Address: Svisloch. 23, Lenin St., tel. (801513)20242.
Beiovezhski Restaurant, 72 seats.
Address: Svistoch. 6, Komsomolskaya St., tel. (801513)33505.34357.
Kolos Cafe, 80 seats.
Address: Porozovo, 5, Lenin St., tel. (801513) 20242, 20132

Tourist information center:
Svisloch, la, Lenin St., tel. (801513) 34002.

Tourist agencies:

Mayaktur travel agency
Address: Svisloch, 32, Voronovich St., tel. (801513) 34330, +375 (33) 6860237,

Sightseeing and entertainment

Svisloch Museum of Local History and Lore. Address: Svisloch, 8, Lenin St., tel. (801513)33292.34148.
Regional culture palace.
Address: Svisloch, 4, Pervomayskaya St., tel. (801513)34153.

Active leisure facilities

Svisloch gym,
Address: Svisloch, 4, Pervomayskaya St., tel. (801513)34153.
Gym of Svisloch Youth Sport School.
Address: Svisloch, 2, Kalinovski St., tel. (801513)30028.
Sport equipment for rent.
Address: Svisloch, 1, Lenin Sq., tel. (801513)34002.

Huntsman’s cottages:

Kolesnichenko L.S. huntsman’s cottage, 10 beds.
Address: Svisloch District, Stoki, tel. (801513)39126.

Souvenir shops:

Podarki shop.
Address: Svisloch, 2, Komsomolskaya St.

Main tourist routes:

– Belovezha Forest Paths, cycling (10 km)
– Belovezha Forest Paths, walking, (2,5 km)
– Forest paths, walking and cycling, (12 km)
– Zharkovschina Route, walking and cycling (5 km)
– Svisloch: From the Past To the Present Route, bus (60 km)
– Tushkevich’s Svisloch Route, bus (45 km)
– Ring of Memory Route, bus (70 km)
– Othrodox Christian Relics of Svisloch Land, bus and cycling (95 km)


Regional environmental festical “The Sound of Betarusian Woods”


«U Rysya», Korevichi, 8-029-8829545, 8-044-736-25-18
«Lyavonau khutarok», Kobyzi, 8-01513-2-32-81, 8-029-3681489
«Belovezh’ye», Rudnya,  mob. +375 (29) 285-27-67
«Kolonaya», Kolonaya, 8(029) 68709944
«U leshego» Tushemlya, 2, +375292847423

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