Smorgon District for tourists


Area: 1 487,5 km2
Population: 53 533

Smorgon is known from the 15th century. The town was owned by the Radziwill and the Pshezdetskie Princes. Napoleon stayed here during the war of 1812. During the First World War since September 1915 till February 1918 the front line passed through Smorgon. In the aftermath of the positional battles that lasted more than 800 days, the city, in fact, ceased to exist. In memory ot those battles a memorial complex along the standoff line was opened in Smorgon. Today Smorgon is a city where antiquity and modernity are beautifully combined.

Smorgon district is rich in and famous for its people and places of interest. Mieczystaw Kartowicz, a famous symphonist and the pride of Slavic and world music, was born in the village Vishnevo in 1876. Democratic poet Franciszek Bohuszewicz spent his childhood and youth in Kushlyany, today tourists can visit his museum-estate. World-famous composer Michal Kleotas Oginski lived in the village Zatesie. Historians claim that it was here that he wrote his famous polonaise “Farewell to the Homeland”. In 2014 the estate of Oginski was opened, followed by the opening in 2015 of a permanent exhibition of the State historical and cultural institution “Museum-Estate of MX Oginski”.

The main tourist centers of the district are Krevo, Zhodishki and Sola. In the village Krevo there is a castle-fortress built in the early 14th century by Prince Gediminas. Here in 1385 the Union of Krevo was signed – the union of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania with Poland. In Zhodishki a watermilL old manor house and the Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity were preserved.

Useful information

Railway station
Address: Smorgon, 105, Komsomolskaya St., teL (801592) 22779.
Bus terminal
Address: Smorgon, 32, Zheteznodorozhnaya St., teL (801592) 22255.
Belarusbank exchange offices.
Address: Smorgon, 64, Zavodskaya St., 3-B, Sovetskaya St., 31, Yubileynaya St., 75, Sovetskaya St.
Priorbank Exchange office
Smorgon, Sovetskaya St., 25.
BPS-Sberbank exchange offices
Smorgon, Sovetskaya St., 19, Y.Kolas Lane, 8-A.
Belagroprombank exchange office
Smorgon, Sovetskaya St., 25.

Tourist infrastructure

Smorgon Hotel, 125 beds.
Address: Smorgon, Sovetskaya St., 29, tel (801592) 21017,34428.
Mayak Hotel, 34 beds.
Address: Smorgon, 17, Zheleznodorozhnayo St., teL (801592) 45680.
Tourist camp, 6 beds.
Address: Smorgon District, Vishnevo, tel. (801592) 9769, +375 (29) 3858918.
Viliya Restaurant, 185 seats
Address: Smorgon, Sovetskaya St., 4 tel (801592) 21014, +375 (29) 6427684.
Straunya Cafe, Smak disco bar.
Address: Smorgon, Sovetskaya St., 6, tel. (801592) 35923, (801592) 22099.
Mayak Cafe
Address: Smorgon. 17. Zheleznodorozhnaya St., 17, tel. (801592) 45690, +375 (29) 3097515.
Vulkan Cafe
Address: Smorgon, 9, Gagarin St., tel.: (801592) 33141
Kupab’nka Cafe, 80 seats.
Address: Smorgon, 78, Y.KotosSt., tel. (801592) 21203.
Kovcheg Cafe, 50 seats.
Address: Smorgon. 52a, Lenin St., tel. (801592) 54881.
Dinastiya Cafe-Bar, 50 seats.
Address: Smorgon, 4. Energetikov St., tel. (801592) 54505, +375 (44) 5450519.
Tourist information center
Address: Smorgon, 4a. P.Balysh St., tel. (801592)42081.

Tourist agencies:

Turklub travel agency
Address: Smorgon, 9, Gagarin St., room 10. tel.+375 (29) 9085338, +375 (33) 3921333. +375 (25) 7359505.
Address: Smorgon. Sovetskaya St., 5, 2nd floor, tel. (801592) 40400, +375(29)3315433

Sightseeing and entertainment

Local history and lore museum.
Address: Smorgon, 23, Kutuzov St., tel. (801592) 34492, (801592) 23380.
The home of Michal Kleofas Oginski in Zalesye.
Address: Smorgon District, Zalesye, tel. (801592) 92549. 92279.
The home and museum of. Franciszek Bohuszewicz.
Address: Smorgon District, Kushlyany village, tel. (801592) 95459.
Space cinema
Address: Smorgon, Sovetskaya St.. 28, tel. +375 (25) 9646131.

Active leisure facilities:

Yunost Sport and Recreation Center
Address: Smorgon, 48, P.Balyshev St., tel. (801592)22762.
Swimming pool
Address: Smorgon, 32, Ivanov St., 32, tel. (801592)21083, (801592)21795, +375 (44)7564090.
Sporting equipment for rent
Address: Smorgon, 4, P.Balysh St., tel. (801592)22762.

Huntsman’s cottages:

Huntsman’s cottage of Smorgon Forestry, 10 beds.
Address: Smorgon Forestry, Orekhovka village, tel. (801592) 32452, 21058.

Health and spa resorts:

Lesnaya Polyana, children’s recreation and rehabilitation center.
Address: Zhodishki, Smorgon District, tel. (801592) 97193.

Souvenir shops:

Main Department Store (GUM)
Address: Smorgon, Sovetskaya St., 11.
Museum of local history and lore.
Address: Smorgon, 23, Kutuzov St.,
Belsoyuzpechat kiosks.
Address: Smorgon, 1, Tankisty St.
The Home and Museum of Michal Kleofas Oginski.
Address: Zalesye.

Main tourist routes

– The Path of War, bus and walk. The Fortifications of WW I. cycling (30 km).
– The Pages of Smorgon History, bus and walk (40 km).
– The Miles of Memory of Old Vilno Route in Smorgon District, bus and walk (80 km).
– The Water Route of Count K.Tyshkevich’s Expedition, water route (68 km)

Festival “The Country Beyond the Woods Invites Friends”


«Vyales», Zhodishki, 2,Komsomorskaya St, tel. (801592) 97390,(8029) 9605313
Bot’kova khata Sut’kovo, 66, tel.(8029) 6433491
«Vita», Voynidenyaty, 41, tel. (801592) 40745,(8029)8887519
«Goranskikh», Potsevichi, I5a, tel. 8029) 9714041
«Lesnaya», Goridenyaty, 53, tel. (8029) 6091531 , (801592) 63095
«Mara», Zablot’ye, 1, tel. (801592) 52287, (8029) 6152284
«Semeynaya», Voynidenyaty, 27, tel. (801592) 41991, (8029) 3990052
«Yalinka», Mizulichi, 8, tel. (8029) 6632070

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