Slonim District for tourists


Area:1 500 кm2
Population:  67 100

Slonim District is an interesting place to visit for tourists who are keen on excursions. Slonim town offers many opportunities of active leisure, as well as pilgrimage and nostalgia tours.

Slonim is one of the oldest towns in Belarus. It was first mentioned in chronicles in 1252, however, the first settlement was founded here in the 11th century. The central part of the town with a historical layout is located on the left bank of the Schara river. In the 17th century there was located a wooden castle of Chancellor Lew Sapiega, later on Michal Kazimierz Oginski built here a beautiful palace with a theatre, a printing house, a riding hall a greenhouse, a pond and a garden. Unfortunately, the buildings did not survive till the present day.

Sovetskaya Street is passing over the channel to the right bank of the riven The 50-km-long channel was built by Michal Kazimierz Oginski in 1767-1783, it connects the Yaselda and the Schara. The main historical part on the right bank of the river is Gorki Square which hosts the Cathedra! of St Andrew (1775) and a hospital built in the 18th century, Slonim also has a synagogue – a baroque style building of the 1640s. The former suburban estate ol the Puslovski family – Albertin – is now part of the town’s architecture and one of the favourite places of Slonim residents. It is a mansion surrounded by a park which dates back to the 19th century. Slonim is one of the few Belarusian towns which has its own theatre-One of the biggest religious attractions of Slonim District is St. Uspenski Zhirovichi Monastery (10 km away from Slonim, Zhirovichi village). The Holy Assumption Church contains the icon of the Mother of God of Zhirovichi. The monastery has a baptistery and small shops. Local monks arrange guided tours telling about the relics and everyday life of the monastery.

Useful information:

Railway station.
Address: Slonim, 11. Vok2alnaya St., tel. (801562)50920.
Bus terminal.
Address: Slonim, Sovetskaya St., 91, tel. (801562)66585.
Eurotorginvestbank Exchange:
Slonim, 58, Yershov St.
Idea Bank Exchange office:
Slonim, 5, Pervornayskaya St.
Priorbank Exchange office:
Slonim, 4, YXupaia St.
Belgazprombank Exchange office:
Slonim, Sovetskaya St., 4.
Belarusbank Exchange office:
Slonim, 65a, Brestskaya St.
Belagroprombank exchange offices:
Slonim, 11, LeninSq., 21, V.KrayniSt.,35,ChkalovSt.

Belarusbank exchange offices:

Slonim, 36a, Voikov St.;
19, V.KrayniSt.; 85, Krasnoarmeyskaya St.;
18, Nezavisimosti Ave,; 25a F.Skorina St.;
100. Kossovski Trakt St.; 42а, Brestskaya St.:
4а. Shkoinaya St.; 52, Yershov St.;
Zhirovichi, 58. Sobornaya St.

Tourist infrastructure:

Schata Hotel, 78 beds.
Address; Slonim, Pervomayskaya St., tet. (801562) 51443.
Venetsiya Hotel, 14 beds.
Address; Slonim, 5, Bagration St., tel. (801562) 65906. 65907.
Zolotoi Feniks Restaurant, 100 seats.
Address: Slonim, 4, K.Marx St., tel. (801562)65800.
Slonim Restaurant, 210 seats.
Address: Slonim, 83/a. Brestskaya St.. tel. (801562)54471 54247.
Polonaise Restaurant, 90 seats.
Address: Slonim. 83, Krasnoarmeyskaya St., tel. (801562) 42283; 64982.
Veras Restaurant, 80 seats.
Address: Slonim, 100, Kossovski Tract. tel. (801562)42294.
Schara cafe, 70 seats.
Address: Slonim, 19, Pervomayskaya St., tel. (801562) 66309; 63502.
Marsel Cafe, 50 seats.
Address: Slonim, 100, Kossovski Tract St., tel. (801562) 42609.
Venetsiya pizza house, 50 seats.
Address: Slonim, 219, Krasnoarmeyskaya St., tel. (801562) 44611:66339.
Bystroff bistro, 40 seats.
Address: Slonim, 2a, rasnoarmeyskaya St., tel. (801562)23140.

Tourist information center:

Address: Slonim, 42, K.Marx St., tel. (801562) 66962.

Tourist agencies:

Address: Slonim, 2, Pervomayskaya St.. tel. (801562) 50894. + 375 (29) 3694064.
Address: Slonim. 5, Y.Kupala St. tel. (801562) 42410. + 375 (29) 2107114.
Slonim EvroTur.
Address: Slonim, 17, V.KrayniSt.. 17, tel. (801562) 50995. + 375 (29) 6725134.

Sightseeing and entertainment:

Slonim District Museum of Local History and Lore named after M.Starovski.
Address: Slonim. 1. Lenin Sq., tel. (801562)21626. 21292.
Exhibition hall
Address: Zhirovichi. Sovetskaya St. 56.
Mir cinema (movies, children’s playground, dancing parties, mini cafe).
Address: Slonim, 1. Pushkin St., el-(801562) 66328, 66329.
Slonim Drama Theafre
Address: Slonim, 18, V.KrayniSt.. tel. (801562)50206.
Slonim Leisure and Culture Center
Address: Slonim, 25. Krasnoameyskaya St., tel. (801562)50636.
Oscar night club
Address: Slonim, 100. Kossovski Tract St. tel. (801562) 41976. +375 (29) 2898147.
Vulkan gambling club
Address: Slonim, 8a. Krasnoarmeyskaya St. room 2. tel. (801562) 47547.
Hot Cherry gambling club Slonim. 17. Pervomayskaya St., 17, tel. (801562)62091.

Active leisure facilities:

Sport Complex of Slonim s Youth Sport School No 1
Address: Slonim, 57, Pushkin St.. tel-(801562)63951.
Yunost stadium, track-and-field hall.
Slonim”s Youth Sport School No.3 (gym. Track-and-field hall, mini football)
Address: Slonim, 57/2. Pushkin St, tel. (801562) 66334-
Sports and Recreation Center of JSC Slonim Meat-Packing Plant (gym, swimming-pool, team sport hall, fitness).
Address: Slonim. 35. Chkalov St., tel. (801562)50586.
FIRE fitness center
Address: Slonim. 8, Komsomolskaya St., 2nd floor, tel. + 375 (33) 6546224.
Rental office, Slonim District Club of Sport and Physical Culture.
Address: Slonim, 42, K.Marx St., lei. (801562)66962.

Huntsman’s cottages:

Huntsman’s house of Slonim forestry, 6 beds.
Address: Slonim District. Gutka, tel. + 375 129) 6493449.

TAX FREE shops:

1000 Melochey shop.

Address: Slonim, 81, Brestskaya St., tel. (801562) 52330, 52613.

Souvenir shops:

Souvenir shop.
Address: Slonim, 40, Brestskaya St., tel. (801562)65919.

Main tourist routes:

– Historical Center of Slonim (11-18 cent.}, walking tour (1 km)
– Slonim – Albertin (the former estate of the Puslovski family, 18-19 cent.), bus and walk 0km)
– The Monuments and Memorable Places of the Great Patriotic War. bus (1 km)


– Open regional festival Polonaise (annually in May)
– National Festival of Talented Families “Live in Joy”
– Once in Kupalle Night, theatre festival (annually in July)


«Feradki», Feradki, 7, Sel’skaya St, tel.+375295877919, +375297539519
«Levada», Farm Solomino, 1, tel.+37529 655 02 26, +375 29 881 20 68
«Khutorok na Dymarlsy», Pavlovo, Zarechnaya St, tel.+37544553 26 03, +37529792 06 25
«Zhirovichskoye predmest’ye», Zhirovichi, 22, Sfonimskoya St, tel.+375295824512
«Amel’niki», Mel’niki, 10, Novaya St
«Dubrovshchina», Volchuny, tel. +375 44 570 97 63

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