Schuchin for tourists: around Grodno-region

schuchinSchuchin was first mentioned in written texts ix early XV century. In 1718 hen was the Piarists’ monastery The Piarists were the reformer of education system in Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth Schuchin Board of Piarists is closely connected with pedagogical and scientific  practice of such outstanding scholars of XVIII-XIX centuries as M.Dogel, K.Narbut, S.Undzill, A.Dovgird. Thus, Matei Dogel (1715-1760) was the author of «Diplomatic Code of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth», Kazimir Narbut (1738-1807) wrote many works on eclectic philosophy, Stanislav Bonifatsii Undzill (1761-1847) is a famous plant biologist and zoologist, Aniol Dovgird (1776-1835) taught physics, maths, geography, rhetoric, theory of poetry and French language, moreover, he studied philosophy, logic and psychology. Also, Ignatii Domeiko made his first steps in science here in Schuchin.

At present St. Teresa’s Catholic Church, built in 1826-1829 by the landlord – duke Frantishek Ksaverii Dutsky-Lubetsky reminds of the Order of Piarists that was in Schuchin. After the uprising in 18301831 the monastery was transformed into a cathedral church and in 1832 it was closed. In 1919 the Church started its work again, but in 1962 it was closed by the soviet government, in 1989 it reemerged. At present together with Orthodox St. Archangel Michael’s Church, constructed in retrospective-russian style in 1863, the catholic church form the silhouette group in the historical center of the town.

The famous native of Schuchin district was Tetka, the real name was Eloiza Pashkevich (1876-1916). She was born not far from Schuchin in the estate Peschin. Her writings were translated into many languages and contributed greatly to the development of Belarusian literature.

Drutsky-Lubetsky Palace. Schuchin Palace Scipio del Campo and Drutsky-Lubetsky Palace were built in late XIX century. The layout of the Palace is similar to the Petit Trianon Palace on the territories of Versailles – the residence of French kings.

In 1807 the duke Frantishek Ksaverii Dutsky-Lubetsky married his 14-year-old niece Mary Scipion del Campo and added Schuchin lands to his own. Schuchin Palace as well as the town Schuchin belonged to the Drutsky-Lubetsky Family

Next stop is the township Beresovka, Lida district, where you will learn about glassmaking process.




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Shchuchin area on the M6 highway Mizar

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