Schuchin District for tourists


Area: 1 900 km2
Population: 47 400

On the territory ot Schuchin District there ore numerous monuments of great cultural and historical value. There is a Palace of the Drutsk-Lyubetsky in Schuchyn, which was built at the turn of the XIX – XX centuries. Church of St. Teresa and Collegium of Piarists, Orthodox Church of St, Michael the Archangel. In the town of Ostrino building of two synagogues built in the late XIX – early XX entury were preserved, as well as the historic buildings of the late XIX – early XX century and Orthodox Church of the Transfiguration. Tourists might be interested in estate and park complex in the village Bolshoe Mozheikovo, grave of A. Pashkevich (Ciotka( in Ihe village Stary Dvor, Catholic Church ot the Assumption of the Mother of God (1854), where a family crypt of the Tyzenhauz is situated, and the palace of the Chetvertinsky princes in town Zheludok, and  certainly a monument of defensive architecture – Orthodox Church of the Nativity of the Holy Mother of God (1524) in the village Murovanka.

In 2015 Schuchin was the site of the Belarusian Written Language Day* Cozy and quiet town was renovated and became more beautiful The Drutsk-Lyubetsky Palace, built at the turn of the XIX – XX centuries, was opened after restoration.

Tourists are also interested in festivals that are held on the territory of the district. It is a traditional Festival of flowers in Zhetudok, Festival dedicated to singer Chestav Neman and Aviation Sports Festival.

Useful information

Rozhanka station, Baranovichi Branch ot Belarusian Railways.
Address: Rozhanka. tel. (801514) 72130.
Bus terminal
Address: Schuchin. Sovetskaya St. 39. tel. (801514) 28332.
Railway station
Address: Skribovtsy, tel. (801514)39330.
Belarusbank exchange office
Address: Schuchin. 5. Krasnoarmeyskaya St.
Belagroprombank exchange office:
Schuchin, 52, Lenin St.
BPS- Bank exchange office:
Schuchin, 2, Oktyabrskaya St.

Tourist infrastructure

Pavlinka Hotel. 19 beds.
Address: Schuchin. 6. Svpboda Sq. tel. (801514) 24960.
Uyut Hotel, 14 beds.
Address: Schuchin. 7. Svoboda Sq., tel. (801514) 27530.
Elen Hotel. 25 beds.
Address: Schuchin. Sovetskaya St., 8. tel. (801514)23438.
Schuchin Restaurant, 100 seats.
Address: Schuchin, Sovetskaya St.. 2, tel. (801514) 28378.
Zolotoi Bereg Cafe, 130 seats.
Address: Schuchin, 43/1 Lenin St., tel. (801514) 23040.
Stary Gorod Cafe. 40 seats.
Address: Schuchin, 16, Svoboda Sq., tel. (801514)23009.
Elen Cafe, 32 seats.
Address: Schuchin, Sovetskaya St., 8, tel. (8029) 8830685.
Fovorit Cafe, 262 seats.
Address: Schuchin. 5, Aviatory St. tel. +375 (33) 6245484. (8091514) 24893
М6 Cafe, 40 seats.
Address: Schuchin District. Mitsary village, tel. (801514) 50018.
Tourist information center
Address: Schuchin. Sovetskaya St., 6, tel. (801514) 70834.

Tourist agencies

LoriStur branch
Address: Schuchin, 2, 17 Sentyabrya St., tel. (801514) 28893.

Sightseeing and entertainment:

Cheslav Nemen museum
Address: Starye Vasilishki, tel. +375 (44) 7763477
Patrizanskaya Zemlyanka museum,
Address: Zachepichi village. tel. +375 (29) 2677680
Ciotka museum on the premises of Ostrino secondary school named after Ciotka.
Address: Ostrino, 58, Grodnenskaya St., tel. (801514)30427.
Address: Schuchin, 54, Lenin St., tel.+375 (29) 6212542.
Regional Culture Palace (dancing parties).
Address: Schuchin, Sovetskaya St., 4, tel. (801514) 29240.

Active leisure facilities:

Sports center on the premises of Schuchin Youth Sport School.
Address: Schuchin, 8a. Aviatory St., tel/fax (801514) 23130.
Address: Shchuchin, 8a , Aviators St. tel / fax ( 801 514)23130.
Swimming pool of Vasilishki Secondary School (3 lanes, 25мх8.5м) and children’s swimming pool (9мхбм).
Address: Vasilishki, Sovetskaya St., 38, tel. (801514)47704
Schuchin District Center of Tourism and Local Lore.
Address: Schuchin, 34, Ostrovski St., tel. (801514)27665.

Huntsman’s cottages:

Huntsman’s cottage of Schuchin Forestry, 14 beds.
Address: Schuchin District, Zachepichi, tel. (801514) 27086.
Fishermen’s and huntsmen’s estate Kamenskoye. 30 beds.
Address: Schuchin District. Schuki village, tel. (801514) 28234,

Souvenir shops

Souvenir shop (folk crafts center).
Address: Schuchin. Sovetskaya St., 4.
Souvenir shop
Address: Schuchin. 5. 17 Sentyabrya St.
DarinaDar souvenir shop
Address: Schuchin, Sovetskaya St., 8.
Torgovy Dom (Souvenir department).
Address: Schuchin, 2. Svoboda Sq.

Main tourist routes

Road to the church, bus (200 km)
Palaces, mansions and parks of Schuchin land, bus {140 km)
Visit the homeland of glorious Schuchin people, bus (250 km)


Aviation Sport Festival (annualy in July)
Flowers Festival (annually in August)
“Chas Yak Raka” festival dedicated to the work of Cheslav Nemen (annually in February)


«Lebedinoye», Obrub, 23. tel. 8(029) 7812261
«Konnyy dvor «Kentavr», Bol’shiye Berezovtsy, 7, Mira St. tel 8(044)7881336. (8029)7860630. (801514)52 7 44
«Lebedka», Degtyary, 41, tel. 8(029) 338 73 39, (801514) 47517
«Bobrovaya dolina», Kul’bachino, 13, tel. 8(029) 581 61 62
«Marchukova khata», g/p Zheludok, 51, 17 sentyabrya, tel. 8(044) 752 48 11, (8044) 752 39 11, (8029) 280 3751, (8033) 379 88 42,
«Fazenda», Girdevka 1, Sadovaya St, tel.8(029) 7872010
«Razdorye» Rozhanka, 32, Pervomayskaya St, tel. 8029) 784 92 96, (8029) 580 17 45
«Prudtsy», Prudtsy, 59a, tel. (8029) 787 55 22, (8029)785 88 55

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