Ostrovets District for tourists


Area: 1 568 km2
Population: 23 900

Almost hall ol the area of Ostrovets District is occupied by picturesque forests. The region boasts of rich flora and fauna.

In 1998 ecologists founded here a unique landscape reserve known as Sarochanskiye Lakes, which unites 14 lakes of the district. Almost all of the lakes are interconnected, however, each of them has peculiar features. The lakes hove different depth, chemical composition of the water and an autonomous ecosystem. The reserve plays an important role in the development of the national environmental tourism and the revival of cultural traditions and folk art.

The history of the district is unique. The district can be proud of its history, culture, art, and people who were born here or lived here in different epoques. Famous people of Ostrovets District include brothers Stepanovich, Konstantin and Albin, a poet and a composer. Famous Betarusian artist Marian Bogush-Shishko grew up in the village of Trokeniki. The childhood of world known Jewish poet and writer, laureate of prestigious European prizes Menke Katz, is connected with the village of Mikhalishki.

There is a private zoology museum in the village of Trokeniki. The museum contains around 500 specimen of Belarusian fauna.

The district also has monuments of various styles of architecture, including a famous ensemble in the village of Voronyany, which dates back to the late 18th century (the Cathedral of St George, the home of chemistO, cathedrals in Gudogai (the Visit of the Holy Mother of God, 1764), Kemelishki (the Birth of the Mother of God, 1781), Mikhalishki (St Archangel Mikhail, 1653], churches in Ostrovets, etc. The hue gem of Ostrovets District is the Holy Trinity Cathedral of the late 19th cent. – a perfect specimen of neo-Gothic style surrounded by an arboretum.

Today Ostrovets is in the middle of renovation process. The construction of the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant has resulted in new prospects for the development of the land and the life of its residents.

Useful information

Bus terminal
Address: Ostrovets, 53, Leninskaya St., tel. (801591)21333,22391.
Railway station
Address: Gudogai, 12, Vokzalnaya St., tel. (801591)38512.
Belarusbank exchange offices
Ostrovets, 24, Karl Marx St,; Ostrovets, 53, Leninskaya St,;
Gervyaty, 23, Sovetskaya St.; Vornyany, 105, Sovetskaya St,;
Mikhalishki, 40, Kirov St,; Kemelishki, 8, Sovetskaya St.;
Podoltsy, 2, Sadovaya St.; Gudogai, I, EngelsSt.
Belagroprombank exchange office
Ostrovets, 2, Volodarski St.
BelVEB exchange office
Ostrovets, 6, Oktyabrskaya St.
BPS-Sberbank exchange office
Ostrovets, 1, Karl Marx St.
Tourist infrastructure Raduga hotel 56 seats.
Address: Ostrovets, 14, Leninskaya St., tel. (801591) 21210.
Anastasia cafe 45 seats.
Address: Ostrovets, 60/1, Volodarski St., tel. (801591) 23789. +375 (29) 2851140.
Belaruski Kutok cafe 60 seats.
Address: Ostrovets, 7. Leninskaya St., tel. (801591) 21250.
Vesna cafe 72 seats.
Address: Ostrovets, 1, Stroiteli St., tel. 8(01591) 71583. +375 (44) 7000853.
Lavanda cafe 108 seats.
Address: Gudogai, tel. (801591)70635,38311.
Vaiga cafe 40 seats.
Address: Ostrovets, 2, Zarechnaya St. tel. +375 (29) 3767375.
Meiniisa cafe 114 seats.
Address: Ostrovets District, Gervyaty, 7, Naberezhnaya St., tel. (801691) 70016.
Vetraz cafe 90 seats.
Address: Vornyany, Sovetskaya St., tel. (801591) 31561.
Raduga restaurant 75 seats.
Address: Ostrovets, 14, Leninskaya St., tel. (801591)21141.

Travel agencies

Private Commercial Unitary Enterprise Kalffeya.
Address: Ostrovets, 1, Karl Marx St., tel: (801591) 70293.

Sightseeing and entertainment facilities

Ostrovets Museum of History and Ethnography (the Home of Kazimir Svoyak).
Address: Ostrovets District, Barani village.
Ostrovets District Center of Culture and Folk Art
Address: Ostrovets, 39, Karl Marx St., tel. (801591)20310.
Ostrovets cinema and concert hall
Address: Ostrovets, 3, Oktyabrskaya St., tel. (801591) 21469.

Active leisure facilities:

Start sport and recreation complex (sporting hall and gym).
Address: Ostrovets, 13, Naberezhnaya St., tel. (801591)23602.
Gervyaty sport and recreation complex (sporting hall and gym) 19″A”
SovetskayaSt., 231213, Gervyaty, Ostrovets District, tel. (801591)23602,

Rental office

Address: 7ot Komsomolskaya St. Address: Ostrovets, tel. (801591) 23602.

Natural heritage

Sorochanskiye Lakes landscape reserve
Address; Ostrovets, 3, Oktyabrskaya St., tel.(801591) 37979,37679.

Huntsman’s cottages

Huntsman’s cottage 9 beds,
Address: Ostrovets District, Dreviniki village, teL (801591)21477. www.ostrovles.by
Huntsman’s cottage 6 beds.
Address: Ostrovets District, Bystritsa village, teL (801591) 21477.

Souvenir shops

Ostrovets, Grodno branch of Belpochta Unitary Enterprise

Main tourist routes

– “History Eternalized in Stone”, bus route (130 km)
– “Travel to Nature”, bus and walking route(130km)
– “The Historical and Cultural Heritage of Ostrovets Land”, bus route (130 km)
– “Sarochanskoye Necklace”, bus and walking route(160 km)


«Zharmuny», Zharneli, 25, +375 29 958 98 88, +375( 1591) 33 7 53
«Komarishki», B.Stracha, 2, Tsentrarnaya St., +375 29 6519501
«Radyushiu Radyusht, 15, +375 29 7573230; +375 33 6306876
«Stavy» Ostrovets, 2/1, Lugovaya St, +375(1591) 23462, +375 29 3580712
«Podkostelok», Podkostelok, +37529 3888688; +375 (17) 9755358
«Sarochanskaya zhemchuzhina», B. Stracha, 4, Tsentrarnaya St, +375 293148435,+375 (1591) 71072

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