Oshmyany District for tourists


Area: 1 200 km2
Population: 32 900

Oshmyany District is a unique place in Grodno Region and Belarus as a whole. Its unique monuments of culture and architecture include the Basilian monastery, the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul in the village of Boruny and the monastery and ruins of the Sapiega Castle in Golshany.

Oshmyany was first mentioned in chronicles in 1341 as a castle and a settlement in the Duchy of Volno. In the late 14th century it received the status of a town. In 1384-1385 Oshmyany faced an attack of the Crusaders. The town was twice occupied by the Russian troops (1519, 1655), and during the Northern War (1700-1721) the town was occupied by Swedes. In 1812 much of Osmyany was ruined.

Naturally, the best known attraction of Ohmyany District in the legendary Castle of Golshany which was built in the second half of the 17th century as a residence of Peter Sapiega. In the past the castle was surrounded by hills and ditches which were filled with the water from the Golshanka river. During the last two wars the castle was largely destroyed. The destruction still continues, and the castle requires massive restoration. However, even in its present condition the castle can make a great impression with its huge size, tall towers and lengthy walls. Unfortunately, none of the interiors survived till the present day. What we can see inside now are only ruins of a chapel fireplaces and stairs.

Another attraction of Golshany is a monastery which was founded by the Sapiega family in the 16th century. It is an interesting place for adventure-seekers, who might like to explore its surroundings in order to see the famous local ghost.

Oshmyany District is the burial place of famous Belarusian poet F.Bogushevich (Zhuprany village), chemist, philosopher and enlightener A.Nyadetski (Gorodniki). It is also the birthplace of artist Y.Korchevski. Polish poet and translator A.Odinets, publicist and historian C.Yankovski. as well as MD Kshishtof Monvid Dorogostayski.

Struve Geodetic Arc, which in June 2005 became part of UNESCO World Heritage, crosses the territory of Oshmyany District near the village of Tyupishki.

Oshmyany is also home of a European-class motorway which serves as a venue for international cycling competitions.

Useful information

Bus terminal
Address: Oshmyany. 23, Sovetskaya St. tel. (801593) 45255.
Railway station, Oshmyany
Address: Oshmyany. Zheleznodorozhnaya St., tel. (801593)38131.
Belarusbank exchange offices
Oshmyany. 2, Golshanskaya St; 38,StroiteleySt.;
6b Krasnoarmeyskaya St.
BPS-BANK exchange offices
Oshmyany, 2, Sovetskaya St; 100, Sovetskaya St.
Belagroprombank exchange office
Oshmyany, 99, Sovetskaya St.

Tourist infrastructure:

Hotel. 74 beds.
Address: Oshmyany, 66, Sovetskaya St. tel- (801593) 40621.
Zamok Hotel. 7 beds.
Address: Golshany. Isentralnaya Square, tel. (801593)39301,39234. +375 (29) 6205772.

Guest house of equestrian sport center Hippika, 8 beds
Address: Oshrnyany District, Grintsy, tel. (801593)45353, +375(29)6107423. www.hippika.by
Imperia Restaurant, 120 seats
Address: Oshmyany, 66f Sovetskaya St., tef. (801593)40046.
Galaktika Cafe, 45 seats.
Address: Oshmyany, 127, Sovetskaya St., tel. (801593) 44271.
Kapriz Cafe, 120 seats.
Address: Sovetskaya St., 2. tel. (801593)40870.
Stary Gorad cafe, 96 seats.
Address: Oshmyany. Sovetskaya St.. 92. tet.(801593) 72826.
Straunya U Daragastayskaga Cafe, 32 seats.
Address: Grintsy, equestrian sport center Hippika. tel. (801593)45353.

Tourist information center:
Address: Oshmyany, Sovetskaya St., 128, tel.(801593) 42593. www.osh-museum.myl.ru

Sightseeing and entertainment:

Bogushevich Museum of Local History and Lore.
Address: Oshmyany, Sovetskaya St., 128, tel. (8 01593)42593.
Monument of architecture, 16th-18th cent.
Address: Oshmyany District, tel. (801593)39457.
Gastello cinema.
Address: Oshmyany, Sovetskaya St., 81, tel. (801593)45341.

Active leisure facilities:

Sport and Recreation Center of Oshmyany Youth Sport School (stadium, indoor volleyball, sport equipment for rent).
Address: Oshmyany, Sovetskaya St.,1, te!. (801593) 73200, 73244.

TAX FREE shops:

Address: Oshmyany, 1,17 Sentyabrya lane. tel.+375 (44) 7911666.

Souvenir shops:

Unitary enterprise Nemiga, Suzorye shop.
Address: Oshmyany, Sovetskaya St., 2 Osmyany-Byt.
Address: Oshmyany, Sovetskaya St., 109.
Lukashevich N.N.
Address: Oshmyany, Sovetskaya St., 106
Sokolova M.F.
Address; Oshmyany, Sovetskaya St., 106

Main tourist routes:

– Shlyakhetski route, cycling, (32 km)
– Bride’s Sione route, cycling (35 km)
– Hippika Route, cycling (25 km)
– Magnates Route, cycling (37 km)
– Urochische Sukhaya Dolina Route, cycling (1,8 km)


Castle of Golshany Festival (annually in August)
Farmsteads к Lillya», d. Bernikid. d 12 I.d. l3,
«Gorshanskaya syadzrba», d. Gorshany, tel. (8029) 3158923
«U Yaniny», d, Kol’chuny, tel (8029) 5100006
«Sadok», d. Biyutishki, d.15, tel. (8029) 6910337
«Nasha ban’ka», d. Sukhodoiy, tel. (8029) 6265900
«Mayontak po doroge na Vil’nyu», g. Oshmyany, uL Mitskevicha, d. 67, tel. (8029) 7915520
«Kutok Ashmyanshchyny», d. Vami, d. 23, tel. (8029) 7333228
«Shlyakhetskaya okolitsa», d. Rodevichi, d. 2, tel. (8029) 6546484

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