Novogrudok District for tourists


Area: 1 700 km2
Population: 46 000

Novogrudok was first mentioned in papers in 1044, although, according to archeological research, this area was populated as early as the late 10th century. The older part ot the town is located in the center of Novogrudok hills. This part of the town has a unique look and a rich history which might attract intellectually curious tourists.

Novogrudok – is the first capital of the Belarusian state – the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It was first mentioned in documents in 1044. That is why the history of Novogrudok is closely connected with the history of royal families and famous people who created the history of the state.

Novogrudok regularly hosts the festival of Medieval culture (a camp of knights, tournaments, jockey performances at the foot of the Castle Hill. The climax of the festival is the attack on the Castle Hill – a restoration of a historical event which once really happened in Novogrudok.

The ruins of the castle on the Castle Hill is not only the main attraction of the town, it is also one of the major historical monuments of Belarus as a whole.

The construction of the castle began in the 10th century. The castle survived several wars which left it ruined and then restored. It was critically damaged during the Russian-Polish wars of 1654-1667. The final damage was caused by Swedes during the Northern War of 1706. The towers and the walls of the castle were practically completely ruined. In 1922-1930 the remaining walls were partly restored.

Tourists pay special attention to the so-called Hill of Mindowg. where. according to an ancient legent, Duke Mindowg. the founder of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, was buried.

Other places of interest in Novogrudok include the Church of St Boris and Gleb (15th cent., Gothics and Renaissance). 3St Nicholas Church (the former cathedral of the Franciscans, late Baroque and Pseudo-Byzantine style), Farny Cathedral (early 18th cent.. Baroque}, St Mikhail Cathedral (Baroque and Classicism), the old mosque (15th cent.), as well as places connected with famous poet Adam Mickiewicz (the Hill of Mickiewicz, the Home and Museum of Adam Mickiewicz).

Lately there have been founded several other tourist facilities, such as the museum of Jewish counter-fight movement which is located on the site of WWII Jewish ghetto, an environmental entertainment center (“Adventures by the Lake”) with animation programs for children. More and more tourists visit Novogrudok, that is why new infrastructure objects are built.

The names are closely connected with Novogrudok District: Chancellor of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Joachim Ignacy Litawor Chreptowicz, poets Adam Mickiewicz, Jan Chechet, Vincent Korotynski, first Belarusian folklore expert Solomon Rysinski, artist Jazep Drozdovich, photographer Jan Bulgak. world famour astronautics scientist Boris Kit. and many other statesmen, scientists and people of art. Famous Soviet poet Vladimir Vysotski lived in Novogrudok and Novogrudok District while he was filmed in a WWII-themed movie.

A famous attraction of Novogrudok District is a castle in Lyubcha which was built in 1581. Currently it is being restored by volunteers.  Another one is a mansion and a park in the village of Schorsy (late 18th century).

Useful information

Address: Novogrudok, 19, Mitskevich St., tel. (801597) 21430.
Belagroprombank exchange office
Novogrudok, la, Lenin St.
Belarusbank exchange offices
Novogrudok, 31a, Mitskevich St., 22, Mitskevich St., 109, Mitskevich St.
Belgazprombank exchange office
Novogrudok, 5, Minskaya St.
BPS-Sberbank exchange office
Novogrudok,, 17a, Mitskevich St.
Priorbank exchange office
Novogrudok, 5, Sadovaya St.

Tourist infrastructure

Novogrudok Hotel 53 beds.
Address: Novogrudok, 12, Mitskevich St., tel. (801597)23272.
Panski Dom Hotel 21 beds.
Address: Novogrudok, 3, Grodnenskaya St., tel. (801597)25385.
Crocus Hotel 30 beds.
Address: Novogrudok, 57/1, 1 Maya St., tel. (801597) 43000.
Gostiny Dvor Hotel 12 beds.
Address: Novogrudok District, Gnesichi village, tel. +375 (29) 1339733, +375 (33) 3181734.
Hotel ot Selets biathlon center 43 beds.
Address: Novogrudok District,
Selets village, tel. (801597) 29467.
Tourist camp 22 beds.
Address: Novogrudok, 3, Partovaya St., tel. (801597) 24793.
Tourist camp 50 beds summertime, 20 beds wintertime.
Address: Valevka village, tel. (801597)76735.
Svityaz Restaurant 140 seats.
Address: Novogrudok, 3, Sovetskaya St., tel. (801597) 20938,21236.
Chance cocktail bar 82 seats.
Address: Novogrudok, 38a. Volchetski St., tel. (801597) 21589.
Valeria Restaurant 170 seats.
Address: 231400 Novogrudok, 6, Volchetski St., tel. (801597) 26600, 20857.
Molodezhnoye Cafe 255 seats
Address: Novogrudok, 23, Sovetskaya St., tel (801597) 20568, 20995.
Tikhoye Cafe 60 seats.
Address: Novogrudok, 12, Mitskevich St., tel. (801597) 24304.
Tourist information center
Address: Novogrudok, 4, Pochtovaya St., tel. (801597)

Travel agencies

Address: Novogrudok, 4, Lenin Square, tel. (801597) 22257.
Address: Novogrudok, 7, Lenin St., tel. (801597) 26691.
A Sten service
Address: Novogrudok, 7, Lenin St., office 8, tel. 1801597) 2-66-91.

Sightseeing and entertainment facilities

The Home and Museum of Adam Mickiewicz
Address: Novogrudok, I, LeninSt.. tel. (801597)24243.
Novogrudok Museum of Local History and Lore
Address: Novogrudok. 2. GrodnenskayaSt., tel. (801597) 22395.
Exposition of the Museum of Local History and Lore dedicated to the Jewish counter fight movement
Address: Novogrudok, 68, Minskaya St., tel. (801597)22395.
Picture gallery of Konstantin Kachan (excursions, master classes, souvenirs).
Address: Novogrudok, 9, Zamkovaya St., tel. +375 (29) 3460323; +375(29) 6769038.
Novogrudok District Crafts Center
Address: Novogrudok, 13, ChapayevSt.. tel» (801597) 41541, 22479.
“Adventures by the Lake” environmental entertainment center
Address: Novogrudok District, Valevski local administration, tel. (801597) 26994
Chemodan night club
Address: Novogrudok, 13, Mitskevich St.,tel. (801597)23430
Zvezda cinema (3D)
Address: Novogrudok, 13, Mitskevich St.
Address: Novogrudok, 8, Lenin Square.
KVINTA karaoke club
Address: Novogrudok, 65a, Mitskevich St.
Meta People’s Club of Military History Address: Novogrudok, 7, Lenin St., tel. (801597)22932.

Active leisure facilities

Rubin gym
Address: Novogrudok, 3, Mitskevich St.
Address: Novogrudok, 40, Volchetski St.
Selets biathlon center
Address: Novogrudok Disrict, Selets village, tel. (801597) 29467, 23949.
Swimming-pool of Novogrudok Gas Fixtures Plant
Address: Novogrudok, 109, Mitskevich St., tel. (801597)30170.
Sporting equipment rental office
Address: Novogrudok District, Selets village, tel. (801597) 29467.
Bicycle rental office
Address: Novogrudok, 4, PochtovayaSt., tel. (801597)27747.
Sport and tourist equipment for rent
Address: Novogrudok, 3, Mitskevich St., tel (801597) 23596.
Natural heritage
Svityazanski landscape reserve Address: Novogrudok District, Valevski local administration, tel. +375 (29) 9572073.

Huntsman’s cottages

Huntsman’s cottage of Novogrudok Forestry 9 beds. Address: Novogrudok District, Lyubcha, la, Parkovaya St., tel. (801597)20564
Health and spa resorts
Svityaz Resort 84 beds.
Address: Novogrudok District, Valevka, Novosady, tel. (801597) 76506

Souvenir shops

Podarok shop
Address: Novogrudok, 19, Mitskevich St.
Detski Mir shop
Address: Novogrudok, 1, Lenin St., tel. (801597)20610
Novogrudok Center of Crafts
Address: Novogrudok. 13. ChapayevSt., tel. (801597) 41541,22479.

Main tourist routes

– Walking tour of Novogrudok, the first capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (5 km)
– Animated excursion “The roads of Adam Mickiewicz”, bus and walking tour (120 km)
– The noble homes of Novogrudok land. bus and walking route(100 km)
– Valaam in Novogrudok land, bus and walking route(65 km)
– The Roads of the War, bus and walking route (90 km)
– Ihe Green Route: walking, cycling. canoeing (32 km, 107 km, 117 km, 160 km)
– Astashina: the Path of the Miller, bus and walking route, cycling (10 km)
– The Traces of Romanticists and Heroes (animated tour), bus and walking route(20 km)


– Medieval culture festival “Novogrudok Castle”
– Amateus song festival in memory of Vladimir Vysotski (biannually)
– Open regional festival of talented youth “Rainbow of Hopes” (annually in April)
– The spiritual and enlightening readings of St Yelisey (annually in November)
– St Cyril and Mefody readings (annually in May)


«Zolotaya podkova», Novosady, tel. 76-808, 939-67-67
«Novyy sad», Novosady, tel. 76-891, rn.fc 354-44-05
«Ostrov bobrov», Senezhitsy, rat. 652-83-15
«Chereshlya», Chereshlya, m.t 673-33-07
«Vaytsyushki» Vasilevichi khutor Vaytyushki,+375293094979
«Rancho-Rodeo», d. Leshchenka, tel. +375296422868, +375296154719
«Vselyubskiy khutorok», Vselyub, 97, Vilenskaya, St, tel. (801597)74606; +375299057057

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