Mosty District for tourists


Area: 1 400 кm2
Population: 30 000

Mosty District is а land of unique nature, green forests and picturesque landscapes. The gem of the district is Lipichanski wood, which is a landscape reserve of state importance. Forests occupy one third of the territory of the district. The river Neman and its tributaries (the Schara, the Zelvyanka, the Ross) are very popular among local residents who are keen on active leisure.

During WWII Mosty District was the area of active underground anti­fascist movement. In the village of Shimki there is a memorial dedicated to underground fighters. Abo, there is a dug-out which reminds of those years.

The main attraction of Mosty District is Belarus only pendant bridge over the Neman which connects two parts of the town. Such type of bridge also exists in Lithuania.

Mosty District has several monuments of the global importance. That is Gudevichi Museum of literature and Local Lore, which is Belaus only museum of the kind in the rural area.

The district has several beautiful temples, the oldest of which was founded over 200 years ago. Mosty District is rich in legends. One of them tels the love story of Jan and Tselia (characters of the novel “Over the Neman” by E. Ozheshko), who belonged to different nations and social classes and founded the village of Bogatyrevich. Now many tourists come to that place to honor ther beautiful story.

In Mosty District you can see the following monuments of architecture: St Anna’s Cathedral (1782) in the village of Lunno. the Holy Trinity Cathedral (1740) in the village of Strubnitsa.

Useful information

Railway station
Address: Mosty, 5, Vokzalnaya St., tel. (801515)33558.
Bus station
Address: Mosty, 1, Tsvetochnaya St., tel. (801515) 33445.
Belagroprombank exchange office
Mosty, 21, Lenin St.
Belarusbank exchange office
Mosty, 44, Sovetskaya St.

Tourist infrastructure

Mosty Hotel 54 beds.
Address: Mosty, 1, Lenin Square, tel. (801515)32305.
Hostel (26 beds).
Address: Mosty, 86. Zelenaya St. tel.(80)515) 31358.
Rybaki camping (20 beds).
Address: Novinka village, tel. +375 (29) 6179153.
Mechta hostel (5 beds).
Address: Mikelevschina village, 12, Shkolnaya St., tel. +375 (29) 6124174.
Kronon restaurant 50 seats.
Address: Mosty, 17, Sovetskaya St., tel. (801515)33379.
Neman cafe 50 seats.
Address: Mosty, 2, Pushkin Lane. tel.(8015!5)32786.

Travel agencies

Address: Mosty, 1, Sovetskaya St, tel. +375 (29) 1110208, +375 (29) 1110198

Sightseeing and entertainment facilities

Cinema, dancing hall Address: Mosty, 19a, Sovetskaya St., tel. (801515) 33504.
Mosty Museum “Forest and Man”
Address: Mosty, 39, Sovetskaya St., tel. (801515)32044.
Gudevichi Museum of Literature and Local Lore
Gudevichi, 7, Tsentralnaya St., tel. (801515)38782

Active leisure facilities

Neman sport complex
Address: Mosty, 78a, Sovetskaya St., tel. (801515)33090.
Mosty District School of Young Athletes
Address: Mosty, 86, Zetenaya St., tel. (801515)31358.
Address: Mosty, 26a, Zhukov St., tel. (801515)33090.
Sporting equipment for rent
Address: Mosty, 78a, Sovetskaya St., tel. (801515)33090.

Natural heritage

Lipichanski wood landscape reserve
Address: Goluby village, la, Shkolnaya St., tel. (801515) 24342.

Huntsman’s cottages

Huntsman’s cottage of LLC Belaya Iropa 6 beds.
Address: Mosty, 3, Lenin Square, tel. (801515)33598,

Souvenir shops:

Department store
Address: Mosty, 2, Lenin Square, tel. (801515) 3-39-39.

Main tourist routes

“Looking Through Old Pages”, bus and walking route(25 km)
“Forward to the Past”, bus route (110km)
“The Noble Deed Shall Live in Centuries”, bus and walking route (120 km)
“Golden Domes”, bus route (95 km)
Walking tour of the town of Mosty (5 km)
Travel to Lipichanski Wood, bus route (100 km)
“The Banks of the Schara”, walking route (5 km)


«Novoselki», Novoselki, tel. 8 (029) 6582981, 8(044) 5555521,
«Staryye lipy», Sedenevichi,5, tel. 8 (029) 8661203
Agrousadba d. Moskai, tel. 8 (029) 6720201
Agrousad’ba d. Shimki, tel. 8(029) 8697890
UCHPKH «Mechta» Kondratovicha V.A., d. Mikelevshchina, ul. Shkornaya, d. 12, tel. 8 (029) 6124174, 8(029) 888802

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