Medical academy Grodno / Czetwertyński palace Grodno

Medical Academy of Grodno (Orzeszko street, 20) was built in the second part of the 18th cen. The first High School preparing doctors with professor Zhiliber in charge was situated here.


You can now see an original building built in the late 1780s by his Majesty’s architect Giuseppe de Sacco, which primarily was intended asa school for midwives (maternity nurses).

The Grodno Medical Academy – “Academy on Horodnytsa” was later housed within its walls. The building was completed only after the academy had been already transferred to Vilnius University. The building then became the property of the Czetwertyński-Światopełk princes.

The famous Grodno historian, archaeologist and ethnographer Józef Jodkowski was born here in 1890. It is an example of late Baroque architecture with eclectic elements. After the war it was used as the judicial authority and then as the military department.

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