Korelichi District for tourists


Area: 1 096 кm2
Population: 21 500

Korelichi District is an area with a rich historical heritage. The land of Korelichi has seen a lot. including Swedish and French invasion and German occupation during WWI and WWII Many monuments and obelisks eternalize the fight ot local residents tor freedom.

The town of Korelichi was first mentioned in papers in 1395. In the 15th century is served as a residents ot grand dukes of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, in the 17th century it became the residence of the Radziwill tamily.

Currently the district has 98 monuments of history and culture (including 7 monuments of archeology), 20 monuments of architecture. 53 monuments and obelisks and burial places of the Soviet Army soldiers. WWII underground warriors and fascism victims. All these monuments are under the protection of the state.

The gem of Korelichi District is the Castle of Mir. which was included in UNESCO List of World Heritage. Due to the recent restoration, the Castle of Mir became the best known and most often visited sight of the district.

Other famous sights include Pokrovskaya Church in the village of Turets (1888) and the Church of the Holy Cross in the village of Yeremichi (the second half of the 19th century).

Lately the place has many times served as a venue of Medieval fests and other festivals, which attract a lot of tourists from Belarus and abroad.

Useful information

Korelichi bus terminal
Address: Korelichi. 12. Gagarin St.,
tel. (801596} 22174
Mir bus ticket office
Address: Mir, 9, 17 Sentyabrya St.,tel. 80159623174
Belagroprombank exchange offices
Korelichi, 16, 8 Marta St.,
Mir, 17 Sentyabrya Square,
Belarusbank exchange offices
Korelichi, 6/1, 17 Sentyabrya Sq.,
Mir, 12, 17 Sentyabrya Sq.

Tourist infrastructure

Mir Castle Hotel 30 beds.
Address: Mir. 2, Krasnoarmeyskaya St., tel. (801596} 28292
Hotel in Korelichi 48 beds.
Address: Korelichi, 4, Gagarin St., tel.( 801596} 22126.
Hotel Mir in Mir 25 beds.
Address: Mir, 3, 17 Sentyabrya Sq., tel. (801596)23851.
Kolos Restaurant 120 seats.
Address: Korelichi, 2, Gagarin St., tel. (801596) 22284
Ragneda Cafe 76 seats.
Address: Mir, 1. 17 Sentyabrya Sq., tel. (801596) 23379
Doroga Zamkov Cafe 50 seats.
Address: Mir, 9, Krasnoarmeyskaya St, tel. (801596) 28195 fax, +375(29}6712464.
Mirum Cafe . 30 seats.
Address: Mir, la, Krasnoarmeyskaya St., tel. (801596)23798.

Travel agencies

Puzata Hata – Mir.
Address: Mir, 9/2, Krasnoarmeyskaya St., tel. (801596)28195.

Sightseeing and entertainment facilities

Museum in Mir Castle Complex
Address: Mir, k2, Krasnoarmeyskaya St., tel. (801596)28270.28290.
Korelichi District Museum of Local History and tore
Address: Korelichi 19, Sovetskaya St., tel. (801596) 21175.
Korelichi Youth Culture Center
Address: Korelichi, 3, FornenkoSL teL 801596 21458.
Belye Luga tourist village
Address: local administration of Voronchanski, Tinevichi village

Huntsman’s cottages

Huntsman’s cottage 4 beds.
Address: Miranka village, tel. +375 (44) 5565157

TAX FREE shops

Department store in Korelichi
Address: Korelichi, 2, Gagarin St., teL (801596) 20694, 22385.

Main tourist routes

– Korelichi – Luki – Turets – Pervomaiski
– Yeremichi – Luzinovka – Mir (walking and bus route)
– Mir – Boishaya Medvyadka – Malye Zhukhovichi – Tsirin – Svityazanka estate – Voroncha – Raitsa -Malyushichi – Korelichi – Dovolnaya Ruta – Gornaya Ruta – Omnevichi (walking and bus route)
– Walking tour of Mir


– 12th festival of arts “Mir Castle” (annually in May)
– Music Mghts h Mr Castle (annualy h June)
– International Medieval reconstruction festival “The Heritage of Centuries” (annually in July)


«Belyy Busel», d.Omnevichl tel 8(029) 5821985
«Svityazyanka», d. Voroncha, tel 8(01596)27434
«Zamkovoye predmestye», Mir. 44, Pionerskaya St., tel. 8(029) 6208671
«Mirskiy pasad», .Mir, 2nd Kirov Lane,2, teL 8 (029) 9294268
«Воуаry», 2a, tel. 8(029) 3218450, 8(029) 6208671,
«U Nikodima» Mir, 31,Oktyabrskaya St., tel.8(029) 6623393
«Kali laska», g.p.Korelichi, 3a, Oktyabr’skaya St., tel 8(029)7864217.
«Svetlazara», Mir, 31, Moskovskaya St., tel 8(029)3779858

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