Ivye District for tourists


Area: 1 841 кm2
Population: 30 900

Around half of the area of Ivye District is occupied by woodland, whose total area is 82.5 thousand hectares. Here you can visit the famous Naliboki woodland, a natural reserve of the national importance, biological reserve Urochische Krasnoye and small landscape reserve Razdory. Most of the district’s territory is located between the rivers Neman and Berezina, Besides, most of the area is crossed by small rivers.

Ivye District has as many as 28 historical and cultural values, such as the mansion of the Umyastovski family (19th cent.) in the village of Zhemyslavl; ruins of a Medieval castle f 15th-16th cent,) in the village of Geraneny, two points of Struve Geodetic Arc (19th cent,) in Urtishki and Milki, the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul (17th cent), Ivye; St Nicholas Cathedral (1519), Geraneny; the Cathedral of the Wonder-Working Mother of God (1772, Dudy); the Cathedral of St Simeon (1904) in Lazduny, St Wladislaw Cathedral (early 20th cent,, Subbotniki); and the Cathedral of St Kazimir (1910, Lipnishki).

Useful information

Bus terminal, Ivye
Address: Ivye, 2, Molodezhnaya St., 2 tel. (801595)22333
Railway station in Gavya tel (801595)33242
Railway station in Yuratishki 8 01595 37247
Belarusbank exchange offices Ivye,
22/7, 50 Let Oktyabrya, Lipnishki;
Subbotniki 57, Pervornaiskaya St.,
Yuratishki, 73, Sovetskaya St.,
Bakshty, Pervornaiskaya St.,
Lazduby, 1, Sovetskaya St.;
Geraneny, 1, 40 Let Pobedy St,
Belagroprombank exchange office Ivye, 21 /a, 50 Let Oktyabrya.

Tourist infrastructure

Hotel 38 beds.
Address: 22. 50 Let Oktyabrya tel (801595) 22224
Mostki Motel 9 beds.
Address: Mostki, tel. (801595)26812
Khvilinka hotel 9 beds.
Address: Rassolishki, tel. (801595) 31327
Mostki Cafe 28 seats.
Address: Mostki tel.(80!595} 26812
Khvilinka Cafe 25 seats.
Address: Rassolishki, te!. (801595) 31327
Na Skryzhavanni Cafe 24 seats,
summertime tent with 16 seats.
Address: 133 km of Minsk-Grodno Highway, teL (801595) 21966.
Vesna Restaurant 125 seats
Address: Ivye. Komsomolskaya Square. tel.(801595) 21670.
Molodezhny Cafe-bar 28 seats.
Address: Ivye. 43, Karl Marx St. tel. (801595) 22139.
Versal Cafe-bar «Версаль» 90 seats.
Address: Ivye. 12, Komsomolskaya St.. tel. (801595) 26209

Sightseeing and entertainment

Ivye Museum of National Cultures
Address: ivye. 98. 17 Sentyabrya St., teL (801595) 26896.

Active leisure facilities

The gym of Ivye Juvenile Sport School
Address: Ivye. 11.1 Maya. St., tel. (801595) 21987.

Huntsman’s cottages

Huntsman’s cottage of Ivye Forestry
Address: Nikolayevo.tel. (801595) 21716, www.leshozivie.by

Main tourist routes

The Golden Ring of Ivye District, bus and walking routes (60 km)
The Multireligious Ivye Маршрут, bus and walking routes (10 km)


New Year’s musicle at the home of Ded Zimnik and Baba Zavirukha (annually in December)


«Nad Gav’yey», d. Zaleyki. tel. (8029) 7869186
«Viktoriya», d. Zaleyki, tel. (8044) 9265971
«Kalya Nemana». Morino. 158a. tel. (8029) 3136582
«Syabryn’skiye ozera», Syabryn’. www.ozera.by
«Sontakl» M.Sontaki, 19. tel. (8029) 6922663. 6921546. www.usadbasontaki.ru
«Lugovaya», Lugovaya, d. 5, tel(8 044} 715 22 21
«Otdykh s ban’koy», KovkelL 7. tel. (8 044) 9480683
«Morinskoye» Morinskiy s/s. d. Morino. d. 185. +375291878878, +375295378878 www.morinskoe.by

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