Grodno District for tourists


Area: 2 700 km2
Population: 49 800

Grodno District is a unique place in Grodno Region with о vast tourist potential.

The district is home of nature reserves Ozery and Grodnenskaya Puscha. The environmental situation here is exceptionally good.

The reconstruction of Avgustovski Channel, a unique waterway of the 19th century that connects the rivers Visla and Neman, finished in 2006. It is an intact piece of nature where you can perfectly relax, take a ride on a steamship, and visit traditional festivals like “Avgustovski Channel Invites Friends”, international cycling marathon “Neighbours”, as well as other sports and culture events.

Currently the district is carrying out the reconstruction of Gurski mansion in the village of Radzivilki and a palace in Svyatsk. Both of them will soon be able to welcome tourists.

The district has numerous monuments of culture and history, including an estate in the village of POnemun (18th cent.), the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity (19th cent. the Church of Virgin Maria (early 20th cent,), the Church of the Holy Mother of God of Kazan (realy 20th cent, Porechye), Svyato-Pokrovskaya Church in Milkovschina (early 20th cent.), etc.

The district boats of perfect health-restoring facilities, such as Ozerny and Porechye resorts,

Agricultural tourism is becoming increasingly popular in Grodno District. Today the district has over 70 agricultural cottages for rent and bigger farm-style mansions like Karobchitsy (JSC Grodno Meat-Packing Plant) and Karalinski Falvarak Tyzengauza.

Useful information

Bus station, Skidel.
Address: Skidel. 76. Lenin St.. tel. (80152)975674
Railway station, Skidel.
Address: 3, Zheleznodorozhnaya St., 3,
tel. (801512) 734515
Belagroprombank exchange offices:
Kvasovka, 1, Mir St.;
Skidel, 2, Krasnoarmeyskaya St.
Belarusbank exchange offices Skidel, 36, Sovetskaya St. la, KlubnayaSt.;
8b, Gagarin St.; 78a, Lenin St.; 58. Tarkhanov St.. Putrishki;
Ozery. 2. Krasnoarmeyskaya St.. Obukhovo. 4. Tsentralnaya St.;
Vertelishki, la.LeninSt.; Zhitomlya. la, Mir St.;
Porechye. 1, Gulyayev St.; Svisloch, 3. Parkovaya St.;
Lutskovlyany. 6. Yubileynaya St.; Bruzgi-2;
Indura. 2. Nekrasov St.;
Gozha, 5, Shkolnaya St.: Ratichi, 3, Novaya St.;
Sopotskin. 6, Grodnenskaya St.; Podlabenye. 17, Solnechnaya St.;
Kvasovka, 9. Pervomayskaya St.;
Milkovschna. 5, Ozheshko St.; Loiki, 8; Privalki.

Tourist infrastructure

Skidel Sugar Refinery Hotel 14 beds.
Address: Skidel, 1, Pervomayskaya St., tel. (80152)977812
Hotel, 50 beds.
Address: Sopotskin, 39, Teolinskaya St, tel. (80152) 992292, (80152) 992294.
Hotel, 12 beds. Address: Sonichi, (Avgustovski Channel), tel. (0152)723408.
Zamok Zavany Restaurant, 155 seats. Address: Korobchitsy, tel. +375 (29) 3500550.
Virazh Cafe 90 seats.
Address: Indura, 3, Grodnenskaya St., tel. (80152(9629-09.
Uyut Cafe, 85 seats.
Address: Kvasovka, 2, Molodezhnaya St., tel. (80152)919549,
Provintsiya Restaurant Porechye, 3b Guiyayeva (80152) 999068.
Traditsiya Restauran,
70 seats. Address: Skidel, 7. Kirov St., tel. (80152)977368.
Tourist information center
Sopotskin, 6, Grodnenskaya St., tel. (80152)992-280.

Sightseeing and entertainment

Marian Skramblevich Crafts Museum (excursion, master class in playing handmade musical instruments). Address: Odelsk, 52, Shkolnaya St., tel. 8(0152) 913838
Avgustovski Channel Museum Address: Nemnovo, 2, tel. +375 (33) 6878001
Branch of Odelsk Center of Culture and Folk Crafts
Address: Odelsk, 52, Shkolnaya St., tel. (80152)913-838.
Branch of Sopotskin Culture and Tourism Center
Address: Sopotskin, 17, Grodnenskaya St., tel (80152)992309.

Active leisure facilities

Aquapark on the premises of Ozerny
resort (Russian, Turkish, Finnish saunas,gym. billiards).

Address: Ozery, tel. (801512) 798774 (tickets).
Sport and tourist equipment for rent
Address: Sopotskin, 8, Grodnenskaya St.
Sport and tourist equipment for rent
Address: Dombrovka, Avgustovski Channel, tel. (80152)723429
Sport and tourist equipment for rent Nemnovo-Tur.
Address: Nemnovo, Avgustovski Channel.

Natural heritage:

Ozery landscape reserve
Address: Ozery, 18, Krasnoarmeyskaya St., 18, tel. (80152) 931601

Huntman’s cottages:

Huntsman and fishermans cottage.
Address: Novaya Ruda, tel. (80152) 433493, 414842.
Huntsman’s cottage of Grodno Forestry.
Address: Kadysh, tel. (801512) 992360, 992070.
Fisherman’s cottage of JSC Grodnozhilstroi
Address: Korobchitsy, tel. (80152) 964076.
Huntsman and fisherman’s cottage Ozery
Address: Ozery, tel (80152)931597

Health and spa resorts

Ozerny resort, 352 beda.
Address: Ozery, tel. (80152)798500, 798510.
Porechye resort, JSC Belagrozdravnitsa, 300 beds. Address: Porechye, 9, Tolstoi St, tel. (80152) 993882, 993148, 993440,

Main tourist routes:

– Avgustovski route, cycling (25 km)
– Fox Mountain route, cycling (72 km)
– Molotov’s Line route, cycling (72 km)
– Raigorod route, cycling (67 km)
– Avgustovski route, water (7,5 km)
– Neman route, water (65 km)
– The Unknown Europe, water route (17 km)
– Avgustovski Channel, the Gem of Prinemanye, bus and walk (20 km)
– Grodno Fortress walking route (49 km)


– Festival (annually in May)
– “Avgustovski Channel in the History of Three Nations” (annually in August)
– “Avgustovski Channel Invites Friends” (annually in May)
– International Cycling Marathon “Neighbours” (annually in July)
– “Adelski Fest” festival (annually in June)


«Pogostim v zakaznike», Dubinka, 1, tel. 8-0152531599, 8-0299637606
«U оzero», Ozery,88, Vil’yanovo St, tel.8-0152931977, 8-0292262136, 8-0297811896
«Karalinski I a I vara k Tyzengauza», Karolino, 2, tel 8-0297875636
«Sonichi», Sonichi, 6a, tel. 8-0298844887, 8-0152944311
«Lya svyatska», d.Krulevshchina,7, tel 8-0297721583
«Slavichi», Slavichi, 1, tel 8-0152911088, 8-0336216871
«Domashniy ochag», Zhukevichi, 27a, tel. 8-0152911036, 8-0298692950
«Tryсhouski mayentak», d.Trichi, d.22a, tel. 8-0152930659, 8-0296720353

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