Great choral synagogue Grodno/Hrodna

The first Grodno Synagogue (Bolshaya troetskaya street 59a) built form stone between 1575 and 1580. It was damaged many times by wars and fires, but was restored each time.

The present- day building is a result of the reconstruction and rebuilding which took place from 1902 to 1905 in neo-Russian style and has Art Nouveau features, was situated in Zhydovskaya Street (now Troickaya St.). it was active till 1939. The soviet authorities closed the synagogue in 1940 and opened a cooperative college in the building.

During World War II the synagogue was inside ghetto No 1 and was used by the Nazis as a gathering point for deportation of Jews and as a place of reprisal against prisoners in the ghetto. After the war the building changed owners many times until it was passed to the Grodno art workshop in 1958.

The synagogue was returned to the Jewish community of Grodno in 1992. The building is currently undergoing restorative renovations, and the “On Troetskaya” museum has already opened. This museum is dedicated to the history of the Jewish community in Grodno.

According to local legend the early twentieth century US crime boss Meyer Lansky (Suchowljansky), the founder of Las Vegas, was born next to the synagogue in Bolshaya Troetskaya street.

Nowadays the building belongs to the Jewish communе.

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