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golshaniGolshany was first mentioned in chronicles in the 13th century. The founder of the village was Duke Golsha. One of his descen­dants, Julia (Ulyana) Golshanskaya is one of the most worshipped saints in Belarusian Orthodox Christianity. Her hallows are kept in Kiev Monastery of the Caves.

Another descendant, Sophia Golshanskaya, in 1422 married Polish king Jagello, thus founding a powerful royal dynasty.

In the 16th century the glory of Golshanski family faded away. So, for three centuries the village of Golshany became the property of the Sapieha family. They built there a castle and the cathedral of St John the Baptist.

Pavel Sapieha began the construction of a magnificent Dutch- style castle in the village. It was a beautiful residence of the Sapieha family, with numerous rooms, halls, and richly decorated interior. However, very little of the original castle’s beauty survived to the present day.

However, the Cathedral of St John the Baptist (early Baroque, 17th cent.) and the adjacent Franciscan monastery have survived. The vault of the Sapieha family is situated inside the cathedral. The two-storey monastery is most famous for its ghost, the so-called White Lady who strolls around the building and its surroundings in the night and cries


Stary Zamok cafe

Golshany, teL (801593) 39218

Spadchyna cafe

Golshany, tel. (801593) 39549

Vstrecha cafe

Golshany, tel. (801593) 39463

Zamok hotel

Golshany, tel. (801593) 39301



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