Former House of Riflemen and Officers’Club Grodno

This interesting building (Orzeszkowa street 30) was designed as a house for soldiers or riflemen, and was used as officers’ club in Soviet times.

Construction was started in January 1924 by the architect M. Schuka and was completed in 1926. The first stone block was laid by the then president of Poland Stanisław Wojciechowski.

The three-story building was the first example of the constructivism style in Grodno. From September 1939 the building was used as a garrison officers’ club.

In the post-war years the audience hall of the officers’club was one of the main music venues in the city. In the late 60s a concert and an 800 seat theatre hall were added to the building as well as a sports and gym complex, where the multiple Olympic champion Olga Korbut trained.

The building currently houses the city leisure centre.

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