Dyatlov District for tourists


Area: 1 500 km2
Population: 29 700

The bigger part ot the district is Lipichanski woodland landscape reserve.

Dytalovo land contains a wide range oi historical and cultural attractions. including the palace of the Radzivill family (late Baroque). The main building and some adjacent household buildings have survived to the present day.

Another famous attraction of Dyatlovo is the Assumption Cathedral (Baroque) which was built in the middle of the 17th century by the order of Chancellor of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Lev Sapega.

In the village of Zhiborty there is an ancient mansion (1784) which belonged to the Gordenin and Domeyko families, and then was handed over to Ignaty Domeyko.

In 1875 in the village of Venzovets there was built St Peter and Paul Church (Russian retrospective style). Another famous monument ot architecture here is the Cathedral of the Assumption of Virgin Mary (1646).

Dyatlovo land is famous with its natural radon water wells, due to which there were founded health resorts. One of them, radon, is located in a pinewood at the junction of the rivers Molchad and Panikva. The other one, Alfa Radon, a luxury class health and spa resort, has opened just a few years ago. Both resorts offer mineral water therapy in every season.

Dyatlovo District is a perfect place for active leisure. It is located at the foot of Novogrudok hills, which makes it a suitable place for cycling. The rivers of Neman. Molchad and Schara offer a perfect opportunity for water tourism

Useful information:

Railway station, Novoyelnya,
Address: Novoyelnya. tel. (801563J 43366
Bus station, Dyatlovo.
Address: Dyatlovo. 6A, Slonimskaya St., teL (801563) 21143
Belagroprombank exchange office
Dyatlovo, 8, Pervomayskaya St.
Belarusbank exchange office
Dyatlovo. 2, Komsomolskaya St.

Tourist infrastructure

Lipichanka Hotel 48 beds.
Address: Dyatlovo, 1, Mitskevich St., tel, (801563)21429, 21078
U Dyadi Vani Hotel 26 beds,
Address: Dyatlovo, 5/a. 17 Sentyabrya St., tel. (801563) 24023
Tourist camp of the Tourism and Youth Center, 15 beds
Address: Dyatlovo, 18/1, ChapayevSt., tel. (801563) 21710
Spadarozhnik Tavern, 24 seats
Address: Dyatlovo, Slonimskaya St., tel. (801563)22424.
Sosny Cafe, 80 seats.
Address: Novoyelnya, tel. (801563) 43431.
Bar, 35 seats-Address: Gezgali. tel. (801563) 33152.
Charovnitsa Cafe-bar, 36 seats
Address: Gezgaly, tel. (801563) 33100.

Sightseeing and entertainment:

Sputnik cinema.
Address: Dyatlovo. 2, Krasnoarmeyskaya St-, tel. (801563)22379
Culture Palace.
Address: Dytalovo, 7, Mitskevich St., tel. (801563) 21148
Dyatlovo Museum of History and Local Lore
Dyatlovo, 12, Pervomaiskaya St., tel. (801563)21341, www.museum.dzyatlava.by

Active leisure facilities:

Address: Dyatlovo, Chapayev St., tel. (801563) 22769.
Kolos stadium.
Address: Dyatlovo, Pobeda St., tel. (801563)27148
Gym (Olymp club of Dyatlovo Youth Palace).
Address: Gezgaly. tel. +375 (29) 9348082
Gym, Lider club, Novoyelnya secondary school.
Address: Novoyelnya, tel. (801563) 43434
Sauna of Radon resort
Address: Boroviki village, 40a/2, tel. (801563) 27233, 39337.
Swimming-pool of Atfa-Radon resort.
Address: Danilovtchski local administration, 4. tel. (801563)35000.

Huntsman’s cottages:

Huntsman’s cottage ot Dyatlovo Forestry, 6 beds.
Address: Venzovets village, tel. (801563)21470.

Health and spa resorts:

Radon resort, 150 beds.
Address: Boroviki, 40a/2, tel. (801563} 27233, 39337 Website: www.sanradon.by
Alfa-Radon resort, 199 beds.
Address: Danilovichski local administration, 4. tel. (801563)35000. www.alfaradon.by

Souvenir shops:

Trade House,

address: Dyatlovo, I, Lenin St.

Main tourist routes:

– The Paths of Underground Anti-Fascist Movement, walking route (km)
– The Small Ring of Dyatlovo, bus and walking route (km)
– Searching tor a Missing Tourist. walking route (km)
– The Historical Past of the District. cycling route (km)
– The Source of Spirituality, bus and walking route (km)
– One day in Dyatlovo District, walking route


– Open Regional Competition for Wind Instruments. Litvinskiy ( once every two years in March)
– Litvinskiy ( once every two years in March)


«Usad’ba Sokola», Koritsa – 2, tel. (8029) 9143131. (801563) 43867
«Kalya Duba», Dvoretskiy s\s, Teteyki, tel. (8029) 3592716
«Boroviki», Dyatlovskiy s\s. Boroviki, tel. (8029) 9700407
«Gostinyy Dvor» Dyatlovo, 76, Sovetskaya St, tel. (8029)7167167

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