BORUNY for tourists: around Grodno-region

borunyThe village of Boruny, famous for its monastery and temples, is the next stop on the way.

The two-story monastery for the monastic order of Uniates was built in 1778-1793. In the 18th century there was a school of theology, the students of which later turned into famous scholars, artists and statesmen. From 1920 till 1922 there was a college for teachers.

The Cathedral of St Peter and Paul (Baroque) was built in Boruny in 1747-1757. Initially it functioned as a Uniate church. The church possessed 28 icons, gold and silver crosses and many rare musical instruments. Today the cathedral has three altars and a Rococo-style pulpit. In 1839 the temple was handed over to the Orthodox Christian church, later it became Roman Catholic. In 1923 the cathedral was dedicated to St Peter and Paul.

The icon of the Mother of God of Boruny, which is one of the most famous icons in Christianity, was painted in the 17th century by an unknown artist.

The icon is kept in a church which was built in 1692 at a place shown by Virgin Maria herself, according to a local legend. In 1883 the icon was carried away to Vilnius, and it returned to Boruny only in 1922.


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