BERESOVKA for tourists: around Grodno-region

berezovkaMore than a half of population of the town is connected with the largest enterprise – Beresovka Glassmaking Plant “Neman”.

The idea of creation of such a plant in Beresovka belonged to a local landowner Zenon Lensky. High demand for goods, resources and fuel, cheap labour definitely promised large profit. But because of the lack of technical documents the authorities denied this offer. Despite this fact, the plant was constructed in the woods. That place was named “Staraya Guta”. In 1891 the plant was taken on lease by Vilhelm Kraevsky and Julius Stolle. Since that time the enterprise became more profitable.

Professional glassmaking knowledge of leaseholders, foreign equipment, technical advisers and setup men from Europe – all these contributed to widening of range of goods. In 1905 Julius Stolle became the only owner of the glass plant because of a tragic death of Vilhelm Kraevsky. Since 1923 there was a company «Stolle and sons». In the time of Soviet Union Beresovka Glassmaking Plant was the 3rd largest plant after the Plant “Gus-Hrustalny” and Diatkovsky Plant in Russia. In I960; the enterprise started the mass production of goods, but also produces items in single copy.

At present on the territory of the plant there is a museum where you can enjoy excursions that tell you many interesting facts about glass making, show you the most wonderful exhibits, many of which got international awards and diplomas.


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