Around Grodno-region: VOLKOVYSK

volkoviskThe ancient town of Volkovysk is located on the bank of the river Volkovyya. It was first mentioned in chronicles in 1252. However, there was a mentioned Volkovyskn earlier written source dated 1005 (the chronicle by Joseph Trizna), which also.

The town has a rich history, with historical ft monuments that date bath to the 10th century and the times tithe crusaders, Napoleon, flora the fascist invaders who attacked the Soviet Union in 1941. While staying in Volkovysk, you should visit the Swedish Mountain (where the town was founded), the museum of local history and culture, as well as the Cathedral of St Vaclav – the only Roman Catholic temple in the town (founded in 1848, restored in the 1930s).

In the center of the town there is the Church of St Nicholas founded

The Church of the Annunciation of the Holy Mother of God was built near the aforementioned church in 2000.


Berezka hotel Volkovysk, 7, Kail Marx St., tel. (801512) 23201

RestHomeService hotel Volkovysk, 130, Rokossovski SL, tel. (801512) 56021

RestHomeService hotel Volkovysk, 9, Lenin SL, tel.(8044) 4900437

Bos terminal 51a, Zholudev SL, tel. (801512) 45008

Railway station 51, Zholudev St., tel.(801512) 78229

Elite café Volkovysk, 31, Sevetskaya St., tel. (801512)21222

Berezka Belaya restaurant 7, Karl Marx St., tel. (801512) 25755

Vintage pizza bar Volkovysk, 13, Lenin SL, tel. (801512) 43178

Prestige bar Volkovysk, 2, Sovetskaya SL, tel. (801512)26607

Taverna bar Volkovysk, 18 Factory SL, tel. (801512) 25781



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