Around Grodno-region: SYNKOVICHI

synkovichiThe village of Synkovichi is located on Volkovysk – Slonim highway. The main jewel of the village is a monumental fortress dedicated to Archangel Michael – a masterpiece of the Belarusian defense architecture. The names of the architects who con­structed the building are not known. Most probably the fortress was founded in the late 15th century of the earlv 16th century.

Throughout its long history, the fortress hosted Orthodox Christians, Roman Catholics and Unites. In 1926 it was handed over to the followers of the Unite religion. After World War II the church was closed ant turned into a vegetable warehouse. In 1993 it once again became an Orthodox Christian church. The architecture of the church unites the features of Gothic and Byzantine styles. It has 1.5-metre-thick walls, loopholes, and arch-shaped windows that make the church look like an ancient castle.

The church has a prolonged quadrangle outline with three naves under one roof. All naves are equally high, covered with cross-shaped copes (star-shaped cope over the southern adder). The church is surrounded by towers with numerous loopholes that cover both close and distant targets. Inside each tower there is a staircase leading to the front loopholes.

The church has remained unchanged for several centuries. The only changes are the newly-built bell tower and the dome that was removed from the top of the building.


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